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I’ve added pre-order links where possible for the next three Phoenix stories: Haunted, Sold and Claimed. I can set pre-orders up at Smashwords, iBooks, and Kobo up to a year in advance, but only for the next 90 days at Amazon. C’est la vie!

They are more spaced out than would be ideal, but there are penalties for missing the upload date on a pre-order, so I’m erring on the side of caution! My hope is that I’ll get them all finished up and catch up, so that the ones after that can be published more quickly in succession. Fingers crossed!

You can find the links on The Phoenix page, right here, along with the copy for each one.

A Party

I’m ready for a party, and hope you are, as well. This Friday night (the 12th) I’ll be joining Kallypso Masters for her mega-release party on Facebook. There are lots of authors participating and an excellent Grand Prize, plus more prizes will be offered that night (including one from me!) My time is from 8:00 to 8:30 PM and that’s Eastern – there are so many participating authors that we’re sharing time slots. My partner in crime will be Ruth Cardello.

So, please hop on over to Facebook and join the event, to be sure you don’t miss out on the fun!

New Print Editions

The three erotic romances in the Wedding Trilogy are now available in print individually. They’re up on Createspace today and will perk through to Amazon over the weekend, then out to other portals next week.

The Best Man by Ella ArdentNow available in print from Createspace.

Always a Bridesmaid by Ella ArdentNow available in print from Createspace.

Forever Bound by Ella ArdentNow available in print from Createspace.

The Wedding Anthology by Ella Ardent
Of course, the complete collection also remains available in print and digital.
Available at Amazon.
Available at Amazon UK.
Available at Createspace.

New Covers for The Phoenix

The covers for two more installments of the Phoenix are done and posted here on the site. Check out #5 Sold and #6 Claimed.

Sold, #5 in The Phoenix Series by Ella Ardent

Claimed, #6 in The Phoenix Series by Ella Ardent

What do you think? I love them!

Revealed on Sale!

Revealed by Ella ArdentRevealed, the first story in the Phoenix Series, is discounted at some portals this week. It’s 99 cents at Amazon and All Romance, but is free at Apple and Smashwords. If you haven’t started to read this series, now is the time!

The Phoenix Print Editions Available Now!

There are print editions available now for the first three stories in The Phoenix series! This morning, they’re available at Amazon, but they’ll become available at other portals later this week.

Revealed by Ella ArdentAvailable in print at Amazon and Createspace.

Harnessed by Ella ArdentAvailable in print at Amazon and Createspace.

Hunted by Ella ArdentAvailable in print at Amazon and Createspace.

Print Editions

After several weeks of back and forth with the graphic designer, I’m admitting defeat. We just can’t find a look that’s right for the collections of The Phoenix stories in print. I love the peacock feathers on the Plume series collections, but a similar look just didn’t come together.

But, I was whining to another author friend of mine, and she said “why don’t you just publish them individually in print editions?” It’s so obvious, and I feel dumb that I didn’t think of it before.

Right now, there are print editions of the individual Phoenix stories in the works. I expect the print editions of the first three stories will be available at least from Createspace by the end of this week, maybe even from Amazon as well. I’ve also set up the Wedding trilogy in individual print editions, so you’ll be able to buy just one of those novellas in print, if that’s your choice.

My question for you is this: would you prefer to have the Plume novellas available individually in print, or do the collections work for you?


I posted this on FB last week, but you probably didn’t all see it there – and Sacha asked about it on The Phoenix page.

The Phoenix novellas will be published in print editions, just as The Plume stories and the Wedding stories are. (You can see those collections right here.)

I had originally thought that the first collection would include Revealed, Harnessed, Hunted and Haunted, but Revealed came out a good bit longer than anticipated. So, Tales From The Phoenix I will include Revealed, Harnessed and Hunted. I’m hoping to have a cover to show you in the next week or so, and to have it up for pre-order by the middle of the month with a November publication date. Stay tuned!

Hunted on Sale

Once upon a time, two partners built a wildly successful private BDSM club called The Plume, a place where every erotic fantasy could safely come true. When The Plume was destroyed and its members scattered, the partners decided not just to begin again but to improve on the original.

Welcome to The Phoenix, an international private BDSM club, risen from the ashes of The Plume. Once again, all erotic fantasies are possible and secret desires can be fulfilled.

Hunted by Ella Ardent

III – Hunted

Shara has always dreamed of being hunted—by three men of her choice, and used by the captor for his pleasure. As a birthday present to herself, she arranges to have her fantasy fulfilled on the private Caribbean island run by The Phoenix. But Shara isn’t counting on the fantasies of the men she’s selected, much less that each will interpret the rules in his own way. The game begins early—and may continue long after the official hunt is over.

amazonkindle  allromance4   kobo  smashwords Buy at B&N  Buy at iBooks


I hope you’ve all had a good summer. I’ve spent most of mine being stuck.

Hunted by Ella Ardent

I wrote the majority of Hunted back in June, Everything was rolling along so well, then BAM, I was stuck. I had no idea how to resolve the story. None. I was sure the answer would come to me eventually, and it did, although it took a lot longer than I’d hope. The thing with being stuck is that there’s no telling when you’ll be unstuck, so I couldn’t give you much of an update.

Until now. I am unstuck.

I have a couple more scenes to write to wrap everything up, then it goes to my editor. I won’t put this one up for pre-order since it’s late. I’ll let you know as soon as it’s uploaded. Thanks for your patience. I really like this story now, although there were moments this summer when I wished Shara hadn’t bought herself this particular birthday present. :-)


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