Dangerous, the complete erotic romance, by Ella ArdentIsn’t this a great way to start the day?

Dangerous is on sale at Amazon UK, and this morning (my time) it’s climbed the bestseller charts!

Dangerous at Amazon UKThanks to everyone who picked up a copy!

I also have new covers for The Phoenix this morning. A couple of them need a tweak, but I should be able to show them to you soon. I hope your weekend is starting off as well as mine. :-)

New Plume Boxed Set

The Plume: The Complete Series is now available as a boxed set.


This is a huge book! What’s interesting about it is that the individual novellas are erotica (because they don’t always have an HEA) but the whole series together is an erotic romance. Joanna’s story, from her introduction to the Plume to her happy ending, is the spine of the story, and that makes it a romance.

When reporter Joanna joins the exclusive sex club called The Plume in search of the truth, she expected to be stirred by the BDSM games played in this haven for pleasure and pain. But there are surprises in store, from the Master Rex’s knowledge of her secret desires before she admits to them, to her own growing need to play The Plume’s games, to the revelation that Mike, the man she loves, was once a member of the club. How can she choose between Rex and Mike, between pleasure and passion? And when she does, how far will she go to protect the relationship she wants forever, body and soul?

This volume includes all nine erotic novellas in The Plume Series, as well as an excerpt from Revealed, the first book in The Phoenix Series.

Right now, the digital version is available exclusively at Kobo.

The print edition is available exclusively at Amazon or Createspace.

Dangerous UK Countdown Deal

Dangerous, the complete erotic romance, by Ella ArdentDangerous: The Complete Erotic Romance, is discounted in a Kindle Countdown deal starting today, only at Amazon UK. The price will be 99p today, then will incrementally increase back to the regular price by Wednesday.

You can pick up your copy here.

New Plume Covers

Once again, I’m playing with covers.

Surrender and Seduction (books #2 and #3 of The Plume) have new covers:

Surrender by Ella Ardent

Seduction by Ella Ardent

The new editions with these covers are perking out to online ebook portals now. There are more new covers in the works, but what do you think of these two?

Behind the Scenes

There’s a lot going on behind the scenes this month, but not very much to share with you as yet. I am excited, though! I’m having some covers redone this month, and will show you as soon as they’re finished.

One thing I can share is that Dangerous: The Complete Erotic Romance is now enrolled in KDP Select. This means that from now through late November, you can choose it as one of your free reads if you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber. It also means than until then, it’s available exclusively at Amazon.

Dangerous, the complete erotic romance, by Ella Ardent

A New Collaboration

Some exciting things have been happening this summer, so I thought I’d give you an update today.

First, I’ve been invited to participate in a collaboration with another author. These books will be erotic romances and will be published in 2016. They’re longer stories than what I’ve published before (well, with the exception of Dangerous, but I think of that story as nine shorter parts) and a bit different from my other work. The project is awesome, though, and I’m having a great time with it.

In addition, it seems to have been just the nudge I needed to get back to writing again. I painted myself into a bit of a corner with The Phoenix, but – at the suggestion of this other author – am working out the rest of the series. Previously, I’ve just jumped in to write, but I see now the value of makingĀ  a plan ahead of time.

There won’t be pre-orders on these books until they’re absolutely finished, but I wanted you to share with you that I’m getting back on track. :-) I hope all is similarly well with you!

Celebration & Sale

Change comes to all of us, whether we look for it or not. This year has been one of transition for me, which is both good and bad – the biggest change is that I’m not writing my stories anymore. The writing is just not happening. I don’t know what comes next in the Phoenix, even though the story was once clear to me. I had hoped this would be just a phase of writers’ block, but there’s no sign of it coming to an end.

So, it’s time to celebrate the works I’ve published in the last couple of years: the Plume and the Phoenix, the Wedding and Dangerous.

Thanks to all of you who have enjoyed this ride with me. I really appreciate your support for my books, and have always been glad to hear when you enjoyed them. We’ve had some great conversations, and this might be what I miss most. I had a lot of fun writing these stories and bringing characters like Rex to all of you.

Much as the characters in the Plume celebrated both an ending and a beginning, I’m going to celebrate this transition, too. All of my stories are now on sale in their digital editions. Some are free, most are 99 cents while the anthologies and collections are $2.99.

Find my books on Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, Smashwords and B&N.

Free Days

The first three erotic novellas of The Plume series are enrolled in KDP Select right now, which means they (and the first anthology) are only available at Amazon through the end of April. As part of KDP Select, though, they can be made free for five days each.

Submission, first in the Plume Series of erotic novellas by Ella ArdentSubmission is free on Amazon right now, from March 10 though March 14.
Available from Amazon.
Available from Amazon UK.

New cover for Surrender, #2 of the Plume Series by Ella ArdentSurrender will be free on Amazon from March 14 to March 18.
Available from Amazon.
Available from Amazon UK.

Seduction, #3 of The Plume series by Ella ArdentSeduction will be free on Amazon from March 18 to March 22.
Available from Amazon.
Available from Amazon UK.

Except for these dates, all of The Plume novellas are 99 cents at Amazon, through the end of April.

In May, we’ll have a sale at iBooks, when the first three Plume novellas are available there again. :-)

Kindle Unlimited

I’m trying an experiment with Kindle Unlimited, which starts today. For February, March and April, the first three of the Plume novellas will be enrolled in KDP Select, which means that you will be able to borrow them if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited. That’s these books – Submission, Surrender and Seduction.

Submission, first in the Plume Series of erotic novellas by Ella Ardent

New cover for Surrender, #2 of the Plume Series by Ella Ardent

Seduction, #3 of The Plume series by Ella Ardent

The Plume: The First Anthology won’t be enrolled, but will only be available from Amazon, because of the guidelines for KDP Select.

The Plume: The First Anthology by Ella Ardent

I’m hoping to find some new readers – and new fans of Rex! – so would appreciate your help in spreading the word. :-)

Here’s my Amazon page.

Tales from the Phoenix – The First Collection

Tales from the Phoenix: The First Collection

The first collection of stories from The Phoenix is available in print and digital editions! This collection includes Revealed, Harnessed and Hunted.

Buy at iBooks Buy at Amazon Buy from Createspace Buy at Kobo Buy at B&N Buy at Smashwords


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