Dangerous and KU

Fantasy can be the most deadly game of all…

When a woman with a hunger for risk challenges a man who needs to possess, nothing can quench the passion that sparks between them—except a secret from the past, one that will seal their fates together forever or destroy them both.

Dangerous, the complete erotic romance, by Ella ArdentMy erotic romance, Dangerous, is currently enrolled in KDP Select, which means that if you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you can read Kendra and Reid’s story free.

Claimed, an Erotic Romance by Ella ArdentKendra and Reid will make an appearance in the Phoenix Series, in the novella, Claimed. In this story, Rex will help them take their relationship to the next level. Claimed will be published in March.

I mention this now because Dangerous is only enrolled in KU through November 20. After that, it’ll be republished at the other online portals. So, if you’re in KU and want to read it, pick it up now.

Dangerous, the first instalment of the erotic romance by Ella ArdentD: Part One of Dangerous will also be republished at other portals and will be perma-free. That will let you have a sneak peek at the story.

Get Dangerous at Amazon.

Sold and Claimed

Sold, an Erotic Romance by Ella Ardent

I’m putting up the pre-orders this week for Sold, book #5 of The Phoenix, and Claimed, book #6 of The Phoenix. They’re available for pre-order at Smashwords, iBooks, Kobo and Amazon.

Sold will go on sale January 19, 2016. The book is just about done and I would have liked to have made it available sooner. But editing and formatting take longer than they used to, plus many of the portals shut down through the holidays and don’t post new content then. We might make it, but we might not—and if there’s an issue, there will be no one to contact. So, I figured it would be less stressful to release the book in the new year, to leave time for the inevitable backlog to be processed at the portals, and avoid panic.

You might notice that the description has changed. It turned out that I had the wrong end of this story, which was partly why I stalled out last year. It couldn’t be written that way. Once I found the flaw in my thinking, the storyline sorted itself out—almost like magic—and the book has fallen out of my fingertips. Writing like this is just wonderful, and such a relief!

Claimed, an Erotic Romance by Ella Ardent

Claimed will go on sale March 22. It’s flowing as well, so there are no fears of cancellation this time. (I always knew this story!) The main characters in this story are Kendra and Reid from Dangerous—Rex helps them to take their relationship to a new level.

After that, we’ll have the second Phoenix collection, and a new project from a new series that I think you’ll like. (This is part of that collaboration I mentioned earlier—I’ll tell you more about it once I have the covers.) There will be three more Phoenix novellas to complete that series, but the publication schedule is still in the works.

New Print Editions

The Plume: The Complete Series by Ella ArdentOne of the things that’s been happening behind the scenes this month is that I’ve been publishing the print editions of my books through Ingrams. They’re still available from Createspace and Amazon, but I’m told that other booksellers and libraries prefer to order from Ingrams.

This should mean that you can get the books more easily from other booksellers.

The Plume: The First Anthology by Ella Ardent PlumeAnthology2sm

For example, my books are now being listed for sale on the Chapters Indigo website, which is the big bookseller in Canada. The links are still populating, so the cover image isn’t there yet (these things take time) but here are Indigo links for

The Plume: The First Anthology

The Plume: The Second Anthology

The Plume: The Complete Collection

The Wedding Anthology

Tales from the Phoenix: The First Collection and The Plume: The Third Anthology should appear on the site soon.

The Wedding Anthology by Ella Ardent

This also means that you can ask for the print edition to be ordered by your local library or your local bookseller. :-)

Kobo UK Sale

Surrender by Ella Ardent   The Best Man by Ella Ardent

For those of you in the UK, Kobo has a sale from today through the 19th on bestselling erotic romance – buy two erotic romances and get one free! I have two titles included in this promotion, which you can find right here.

The Plume: The Complete Series on Sale

The Plume: The Complete Series by Ella Ardent

As you know, the digital edition of The Plume: The Complete Series is available exclusively at Kobo right now. Today, it’s on sale for just $4.99, so make sure you get your copy now!

Here’s the link.


The Wedding On Sale

The Best Man by Ella Ardent


My erotic romance, The Best Man, is free right now at Smashwords and iBooks. It’ll be free at Kobo on the 26th.


Always a Bridesmaid by Ella Ardent

The next erotic romance in the Wedding trilogy, Always a Bridesmaid, is on sale for 99 cents at Smashwords and iBooks. It’ll be 99 cents at Kobo on the 28th.


The Wedding Anthology by Ella Ardent

And the bundle, The Wedding Anthology, which includes all three erotic romance novellas in the series, is on sale for $2.99 at Smashwords, Kobo and iBooks.


New Phoenix Covers

I tried something different with the covers for The Phoenix Series. As much as I liked them, it seemed that you liked The Plume covers better.

So, the Phoenix has new covers and they’re all uploaded everywhere. Phew! Here they are:


Harnessed, An Erotic Romance by Ella Ardent

Hunted, an Erotic Romance by Ella Ardent

Haunted, an Erotic Romance by Ella Ardent

Sold, an Erotic Romance by Ella Ardent

Claimed, an Erotic Romance by Ella Ardent

And a new cover for the first collection, too:

The First Collection of The Phoenix by Ella ArdentWhat do you think?


Dangerous, the complete erotic romance, by Ella ArdentIsn’t this a great way to start the day?

Dangerous is on sale at Amazon UK, and this morning (my time) it’s climbed the bestseller charts!

Dangerous at Amazon UKThanks to everyone who picked up a copy!

I also have new covers for The Phoenix this morning. A couple of them need a tweak, but I should be able to show them to you soon. I hope your weekend is starting off as well as mine. :-)

New Plume Boxed Set

The Plume: The Complete Series is now available as a boxed set.


This is a huge book! What’s interesting about it is that the individual novellas are erotica (because they don’t always have an HEA) but the whole series together is an erotic romance. Joanna’s story, from her introduction to the Plume to her happy ending, is the spine of the story, and that makes it a romance.

When reporter Joanna joins the exclusive sex club called The Plume in search of the truth, she expected to be stirred by the BDSM games played in this haven for pleasure and pain. But there are surprises in store, from the Master Rex’s knowledge of her secret desires before she admits to them, to her own growing need to play The Plume’s games, to the revelation that Mike, the man she loves, was once a member of the club. How can she choose between Rex and Mike, between pleasure and passion? And when she does, how far will she go to protect the relationship she wants forever, body and soul?

This volume includes all nine erotic novellas in The Plume Series, as well as an excerpt from Revealed, the first book in The Phoenix Series.

Right now, the digital version is available exclusively at Kobo.

The print edition is available exclusively at Amazon or Createspace.

Dangerous UK Countdown Deal

Dangerous, the complete erotic romance, by Ella ArdentDangerous: The Complete Erotic Romance, is discounted in a Kindle Countdown deal starting today, only at Amazon UK. The price will be 99p today, then will incrementally increase back to the regular price by Wednesday.

You can pick up your copy here.


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