The Plan

I’ve had a couple of questions about my overall plan for my novellas. These made me realize that even though I know what I intend to do, I haven’t told anyone else the plan!

So, here we go:

• My intent is to publish one new novella per month

• These novellas will be grouped into series. I’m starting with the Plume, for example, but will have other series too. There will be continuing characters making appearances throughout each series, but…

• The novellas will be grouped. For example, the first three novellas set at the Plume all feature Joanna, who we meet for the first time in SUBMISSION. Although all three of these novellas are erotica with romantic elements, but the end of the third one, Joanna will have found her happy ending. So, the first three novellas all together will be an erotic romance.

• My plan is to create an anthology once each group is completed. So, when the third novella has been published and Joanna has her HEA, I’ll create an anthology with the first three novellas together. This will be Joanna’s story, all in one tidy file or volume. These anthologies will be available both digitally and in a print-on-demand edition (in case you like printed books as much as I do).

The schedule for the rest of this year is SURRENDER (Plume #2) later in October, SEDUCTION (Plume #3) in November, then a Christmas novella set at the Plume in December. I haven’t decided yet whether to continue with the next Plume trilogy in the new year or mix it up a bit. (I suspect that the Plume series will continue longer than the others, just because I like Rex so much.) For example, I’m working on another linked trilogy of novellas, each of which is an erotic romance in itself.

I hope that makes as much sense to all of you as it does to me! Thanks for asking. 🙂

One thought on “The Plan

  1. I love the the Plume series, and have the girls in the office hooked on reading them. I am waiting on book 6. Will you have it out soon?

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