News About Submission

A little update for you. I’ve enrolled SUBMISSION into a program at Amazon, and this means a couple of things:

• SUBMISSION can be borrowed by Amazon Prime members, like a library book.

• SUBMISSION will be available exclusively at Amazon for three months. That’s one of the terms of the deal, so it will return to wider distribution in May. For the moment, I’ve removed the buy links from the Plume page for SUBMISSION.

• SUBMISSION will be available for free for five days at some point during that three month period. I’d like to make that happen in February. I will give you the dates once it’s arranged, so you can share the link with your friends. 🙂

• It is possible that I will not be able to publish the First Plume Anthology until after this promotion is completed. I’ve asked Amazon about the exclusivity condition – because SUBMISSION is included in that anthology – and am waiting to hear back from them. I’ll guess that the print edition will have to wait until May and the distribution of the digital anthology to other vendors will have to wait until May. Maybe the digital anthology can be offered on Amazon. We’ll see what they say. All the components of the anthology are already available individually so this isn’t a huge concession.

• DECEPTION will be published on schedule in March and distributed to Amazon as well as other digital vendors.

The cover for the anthology, btw, is just gorgeous. I’ll post it here when it’s done, even if you can’t grab a copy of your own until May.

2 thoughts on “News About Submission

  1. I am absolutely thrilled I found this serious on Amazon. I love it and so can’t wait until I read #4 Deception.Which the cover is very nice. This story line is thrilling and I like the fact that you change characters from Mike and Joanna to her roommate and Rex to keep the story going. So excited to see how it all ends I love reading erotica that has a story line a novel and not just a short story. Please keep writing and I am checking out your other novels as we speak.

    • Thanks Melissa!

      Your message is a great way to start my day! I’m having a great time writing this series, too. Deception is close to being finished.

      There aren’t, btw, any other novels available from me right now, except the three Plume novellas.


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