Genre Clarification

With everything stirred up in the erotica section of the digital bookstore this week, I thought it was time to make things clear.

The Plume is a continuing series, but one that will be finite. You could think of it as a serialized novel featuring a number of ongoing characters. This series of linked novellas is marketed as Erotica because each novella doesn’t necessarily end with the characters having a Happily Ever After or even a Happy For Now. (That’s an HEA or a HFN.) The series in its entirety, though, will be Erotic Romance – in fact, it will be four or five erotic romances told within the same series. The individual stories (or the emotional journeys of the individual characters) overlap and are entwined, but will be resolved happily by the end of the series. I need to label each novella as Erotica, though, so readers know not to expect that HEA in each story.

In contrast, the novellas in the other series on my desk are all Erotic Romances. The protagonist in each novella find an HEA or an HFN by the end of the novella, so those novellas will be marketed as Erotic Romance. (I want to have all three novellas completed, because there are entwining story elements, before publishing this series. Just FYI.)

I hope that makes sense to you.

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