Things are not what they seem to be at the Plume – and some people are not who they seem to be. When Rex discovers his Christmas “gift” snooping through the photographs on his laptop, he thinks her betrayal can’t get any worse – but that’s before he learns the sexy elf isn’t even a member of the Plume and he’s inadvertently broken his own ironclad rules.

Louise is untroubled by Rex’s rejection. One taste has convinced her that she wants more of the Plume. She sneaks into the club to sample the experience, but gets more than she expects – including the opportunity to change Rex’s mind about a joint gallery exhibition of his photographs and her sculpture.

And then there’s the Count, who insists he’s in love with Athena. Fortunately, Athena knows better than to believe him, after what he’s done to her in the past – but what if she’s wrong this time?

Available from Amazon for Kindle.

4 thoughts on “Deception

    • Deception has been in a promotion at Amazon that required it to be exclusive there. On July 5, it finishes its term in that program, so on July 6, I’ll publish Deception on Smashwords. It’ll make its way from there to B&N. Thanks for asking!


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