Another Distribution Change

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about various distribution outlets for my books, comparing pros and cons, and have made a decision. My books will be available exclusively through Amazon from this point forward. That’s where most of you are shopping anyway, so I doubt it’ll be a big problem for you.

SURRENDER and SEDUCTION have been pulled from distribution through Smashwords – it’ll probably take a couple of weeks for them to become unavailable from outlets like Barnes & Noble, Sony, Apple and KOBO. (It takes time for info to perk through the network.) DECEPTION has also been pulled from Smashwords – it had not yet been approved for distribution to other outlets.

I would like to give you lots of shopping choices, but in the end, the frustration was too much and the upside too little.

Amazon it will be, at least for the foreseeable future!

6 thoughts on “Another Distribution Change

  1. As long as I can still purchase them in Canada and read them on my Kobo I’ll be happy! Amazon is hell in Canada and I don’t own a kindle so I won’t be able to read or review your books if they are only available via Amazon.

    • Well, I am sorry about the change, Paula. It’s just been ridiculous – Deception has been in the queue since March 13 and evidently got moved again to the end on the 31st. I’m a bit fed up!

      I am in Canada, don’t have a Kindle and have no problems ordering digital books from I read them on my computer, using the free app that Amazon has available for download. There are quite a number of them available.


  2. I can understand your move to all Amazon, I have apps for all of the bookstores from Stanza to Amazon, but really I only use Amazon. So, I should have no problem accessing any of your hot reads and I promise to tell other’s πŸ˜‰

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