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I’ve been thinking about comments on the distribution change I made earlier this month, and the concerns of those of you who need EPUB format. I had a hard look at what was going on with the other portals, and what was annoying me about them, and here’s the new plan.

• Everything I publish will be published on Amazon.

• Stories that are erotic romances will be published on All Romance eBooks. At this point, the erotica doesn’t sell there for me. That might change in future, and it might be worth doing the formatting just for them. For now, erotic romance will be there.

• I’ll continue with the Smashwords portal, but with modifications. You’ll be able to buy EPUB directly from SW and that as soon as it’s published. It’s the premium distribution that is very slow there, so I’ll only use them for KOBO and Apple distribution. In the meantime, I’ve applied to publish directly to those two portals. No idea how long it will take to be approved, much less to make works available there, but that’s where I sell best.

• Right now, both SUBMISSION and DECEPTION are enrolled in Amazon’s KDP Select program, which means that those two books are for sale exclusively at Amazon for the short term. Both of them will finish their terms there in July and will be published as above after that.

Phew! All this distribution stuff is so complicated! I’m ready to get back to writing – you might be glad to know that Rex has gotten himself into a bit of a bind. I’m enjoying how his expectations and assumptions are being challenged, and don’t want to let him off too easy. In away, I’ll be sad when EXHIBITION is done.

2 thoughts on “New Links

  1. Just finished reading Exhibition and now I can’t wait to read Exposure. Any idea when we’ll be able to obtain Exposure.

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