I had enrolled SUBMISSION in KDP Select, a program at Amazon that requires the book to be available exclusively there for 90 days. Well, those 90 days are over, so SUBMISSION is back out in the rest of the world – or is making its way there through various distribution networks.

Available from Amazon.
Available from Smashwords.
Available from All Romance eBooks.
Also available from Apple, Barnes & Noble, Sony and KOBO.

This also means that the first Plume anthology has been distributed to other outlets. It had to be exclusively at Amazon up until now, because SUBMISSION was included in it.

The First Anthology of the Plume includes the first three novellas in the Plume series: SUBMISSION, SURRENDER and SEDUCTION.

Available at Amazon.
Available at Createspace.
Available at Smashwords.
Available at All Romance eBooks.
Also available at Apple, Barnes & Noble, Sony and KOBO.

In other news, I had a long talk with my husband about all this distribution stuff, because it confuses me a bit. He suggested that I just distribute the books through the portals I already have signed up, not worry about it so much, and concentrate on writing more books. I really like the sound of that advice, so I’m taking it. 🙂

I’m slow to finish EXHIBITION, btw, but there are two reasons for that. One is that I really like the story so I’m lingering over it to ensure that I get it right, and the second reason is that I have a surprise for you – a new trilogy of erotic romances. EXHIBITION will be published this month and I’m hoping to get the entire new trilogy published in June. More on The Wedding trilogy once EXHIBITION is published. Stay tuned!

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