Things have been a bit wild around here, but I am making steady progress on the new novellas. Fingers crossed that there’s some new work out in the world for you to read in the next week or so.

In the meantime, a reward for your patience! SUBMISSION has gone free through Smashwords and All Romance eBooks, and the price on the anthology has been reduced to reflect that change. My plan is to leave SUBMISSION free as a sampler and an introduction to the Plume.

So, the links:
ā€¢ Smashwords
ā€¢ All Romance eBooks
ā€¢ Barnes&Noble

It should show up on Apple and KOBO soon and be free as well.

SUBMISSION is NOT currently free at Amazon, because Amazon chooses whether or not to match the pricing of free books. (I can’t make a book free myself at Amazon.) If you’d like to see it go free at Amazon (and I would!) you can report a lower price on the product page for SUBMISSION on Amazon. (Right here. Scroll down to the hotlink for reporting a lower price.) You’ll need to provide a hotlink to the book free on another site – apparently they are more likely to match a free price if the book is free at B&N, Apple or KOBO. Fingers crossed that it works!

Edited to add – SUBMISSION is now free at Amazon! Here’s the link. Thanks to everyone who reported the lower price. šŸ™‚

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