Book #5 in the Plume series is available!

Welcome to the Plume – where members are bound by desire
and fantasies come true…

 An exhibition of his photographs in a prestigious art gallery is Rex’s dream come true, but it comes with a hook: troublemaking Louise arranged the show but ensured it was a joint show, including her own sculpture exhibit. REx doesn’t want anything to do with his provocative former slave, but Louise proves to have a talent for getting under his skin. Meanwhile, Athena has concerns about the gallery’s opening night party for Rex and Louise’s show, which has become the event of the year. Will this public display of Rex’s photographs taken inside the club expose the Plume and its membership to new possibilities – or peril?

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Available from All Romance eBooks.
Also available from KOBO, Apple, Barnes&Noble, Sony, Diesel and Scrollmotion.

9 thoughts on “EXHIBITION

      • Hi Marilyn – You’re right. Chapter One was there, but not linked in the table of contents (for some bizarre reason). I uploaded again and now it’s right. Thanks for calling it!

      • You’re welcome Ella. I have enjoyed your stories of the Plume and I look forward to the next ones.

  1. Wow!!! Fantantistic, tantalizing, make u think of ur personal secrets!!!! Wondering when Book#6 will be available, Exposure?

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