35 thoughts on “Cover for EXPOSURE

  1. YES !!!!!!!! Can’t wait. I keep checking back . I was a happy girl this morning when I saw this. Is this going to be the last or is there going to be more to come?

    • Hi Sondra – There will be 9 Plume books in total. FLASHBACK (#7) will be out in October.

      Glad you’re enjoying them! (It’s good that I’m not the only one having fun with this series!)


      • CAN’T WAIT, CAN’T WAIT, CAN’T WAIT!!!!!! Will we ever get a chance to see what the Plume members look like (Rex, Mike, Joanna, Athena)?

      • Haha Kathy! I like letting you all imagine what the characters look like – although I was thinking that might be Tess on the cover of Exhibition. She won’t tell, though, and neither will Tex.


  2. Whoo hoo can’t wait I have read all 5 books in 3 days I am totally hooked I need more. Hope there is many more to come. Don’t want it to end xx

  3. Will this be the last book about The Plume or can we expect to see more Rex, Athena, Joanna, and Mike in book 7,8,9 etc? Next, can we get a preview of book 6, I love all the sexy single people (minus Joanna & Mike) getting together. Rex and Athena in relationships really just kills the sexy in the story!

    • Rex has finally told me that there will be nine Plume books in total. EXPOSURE is being publishing today – it’s a bit longer than expected, so that’s a bonus for your patience! Look for FLASHBACK in October.


  4. Thank you for responding so quickly to my post, it’s really a treat to hear from the author of one of my favorite novels. I’m also very happy to hear that there will be 9 books in total (I can’t wait) and that Exposure will be a longer read 🙂 Thank you again and please give Rex a kiss goodnight for me! LOL

    • Shelly – I guess you haven’t read Exposure yet. Leya is the one who has Rex’s number…

      Thanks Kathy! I think you can count on meeting some new characters, as well as revisiting some who have already been introduced.


  5. Just finished reading Exposure and all I can say is WOW! Can’t wait for book 7 and to find out what happens with my favorite Plume players! Will there be any new player’s in the upcoming books?

  6. Just finished reading Exposure and all I can say is WOW! I can’t wait for book #7 and to find out what happens to all my favorite Plume player’s. Will there be an introduction of any new people in the upcoming books?

  7. I finished all six books and loved them all, I also saw Shelly’s post and was wondering about the diversity question. I must have missed it but how does Leya brings any kind of diversity to the story. I must admit, I did read all six books in 3 days but like Shelly I don’t see the diversity.

    • Hmm, I’m thinking that you Eva and Shelly and I are talking about different things. For me, Rex’s journey is an emotional one. He begins (spoiler alert, although I’ll try to keep them minimal) being completely defended emotionally – he is a sex machine, engaging physically but not emotionally. He likes the look of things. That changes with Joanna, whom he has objectified as the perfect woman for years. The first crack in his armor appears when he changes his plans to accommodate Joanna’s desires for Mike, then he does it again in DECEPTION. Louise widens that crack by ticking him off and essentially daring him to take a chance on losing control. He accepts the dare, discovers he liked it, then can surrender control to Leya. What happens at the beginning of EXPOSURE cracks him wide open, which lets him connect emotionally with Leya. Now, he’s open to situations where he doesn’t have control, as well as relationships in which he doesn’t call all the shots. He can fall in love with a real person instead of the dream of a person – and this is where things get interesting for Rex.

      What do you mean by diversity? Are you talking about Rex getting together with a black woman?

  8. While sitting in my office I reread Exposure (bad ideal, I was blushing and smiling like an idiot) and I can totally understand what Eva is talking about. Although I don’t think it matters who Rex hooks up with it would be nice to see him with a black woman as his love interest in a main role. I’m not sure if that’s what she was talking about but….. Anyway I have a few questions I’d love to ask but don’t want to ruin the story by asking questions before others have even read the book. Will you be doing any touring and book signing anytime soon?

    • LOL on reading the Plume at work, kathy!

      I think you’ll all be pleased (maybe surprised too) by how things unfold for Rex. You’ll just have to wait and see.

      No touring or signing plans here, though. I’ve got to stay home and write so you all get your Plume fix!

  9. I am happily addicted to the Plume and I can’t wait until October for FLASHBACK! Hopefully I won’t read it all in one day like I did Exposure and end up kicking myself the next day. I’m gonna pace myself this time (finger’s crossed) .

  10. I am reading Exposure and I had to stop and comment about Joanna and Mike. My heart goes out to them. It is painful reading. They are both so desperate to please the other that their silence is killing them both.

  11. Just curious if I am still on track with the books…I have read both anthology’s that you have out but wanted to make sure that Flashback is the next one after the Second Anthology book and if you have decided what the title to your next will be and if it is coming out soon?

    • Hi Sheila – If you’ve read the two Plume anthologies, then the next story is Flashback. The final three stories will be collected into the Third Plume anthology, just fyi, but that probably won’t be available until June. Hope that helps!

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