Today is the day! EXPOSURE is being published right now.

Welcome to the Plume – where members are bound by desire and fantasies come true…

 After Rex and Louise’s show, everything goes awry. The Count reveals secrets of the past to Athena, then asks her to leave with him. Does she dare to return to the man she has loved for years, knowing he alone has the power to break her heart? Mike’s plan to fulfill Joanna’s fantasy of being sexually shared by two men proves to be pleasure only to Eric and Joanna. The scene shreds Mike’s heart—will it destroy their relationship, too? And as the survival of the Plume itself comes into question, thanks to an unexpected betrayal, Rex must decide whether to take a chance on trust.

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21 thoughts on “Exposure

  1. I loved the first 5, but this one is giving me conflicting emotions regarding Joanna and Mike. I get seriously affected with the characters and I am hoping that before I finish Exposure things will get better for them. I guess I am a hopeless romantic.

  2. When will it be aviable in iTunes. I read all my books on my iPad. Love yours. Have been waiting on this one and also the next one in the wedding

    • Hi Renae – I go through Smashwords to get my books to Apple, so it’s hard to know how long it will take. Exposure is in the queue to be approved for premium distribution. That could take a week or even two. After that, my titles tend to go more quickly to Apple than other portals, although I’m not sure why.

      I hope it’s not the end of the month for you, but it might be. 😦 At least it’s on its way! Thanks for enjoying my books!

  3. I was dying waiting for this book!!!! It was amazing, I couldnt read it fast enough! Please come out with the next in the series soon! I cannot wait to see what happened with everyone! 🙂

  4. I love this series. I will truly miss everyone when it’s over. Joanna and Mike keeps true love alive. We all have ups and down. Rex and Athena give the books spice. I am wishing for true love for them all, becasuse really thats what every person wants. Thanks for a great story and I look forward to the rest of your books.

  5. When will Barnes and Noble have it for the Nook..does anyone know…I’ve read all the others and can’t wait to read this one.

    • Hi Sharon –

      Because I distribute to B&N and to Apple through Smashwords, it’s tough to know how long the process will take. It depends upon how many other titles are in the queue. Looking back, I published THE BEST MAN on August 5 and it was distributed to B&N on August 16 and Apple on August 23. There is some set-up time at the vendor end, too – the first sale I see for TBM at B&N is on August 27. (Although it’s possible it was there sooner and no one bought a copy!)

      It looks like about 3 weeks from the time I publish it until it’s available at these other portals. You’ll see Exposure there by the end of the month, I hope!

      Glad you’re enjoying the series!

  6. I have a nook too. but if you have a smart phone or on your computer you can download the kindle app. and make a amazon acc# for free. then you can buy books for both the kindle and nook. It’s like having the best of both worlds. I never wait. It has been two years with no problems. If you read her past post she said that she has a 90 day exclusive contract before it will be in other places. I looked all over. You can buy on smashword and kindle right now.

  7. Thanks. Was able to purchase thru smashwords and download into my iBooks. Patiently waiting on the next one in the plume series or the wedding.

  8. I’m almost sick to my stomach feeling horrible how the sharing of Joanna will affect Mike. I know it was his choice but it still upsets me! Now I have to wait for “Exposure” to get to iTunes! This is killing me!! I’m not a patient person….I guess I wouldn’t make a good submissive 😉

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