Just got this from the designer and I think it’s wonderful! I had to share. Have a peek:

Now, you don’t just want to see the cover – you want to read the story! So, here’s where I’m at this month: my plan is to finish both FOREVER BOUND and FLASHBACK and publish them both by the end of October. I’m finishing FOREVER BOUND first – Rex doesn’t get to jump line twice – but you can probably plan on seeing both in that last week of October. (I’ll be away at a writers’ retreat and probably won’t be able to get online for a week or so. On the upside, though, I’ll get lots of writing done.)

So, by the end of October, I’ll be finally caught up!

Now tell me – what do you think of the new cover?


38 thoughts on “Cover for FLASHBACK

  1. Ella, please hurry. Can’t wait to read flashback!!!!!!!!!! I feel lost waiting. I just Love Rex. Thanks for making him feel like someone I would like to know.

    • Phyllis – Athena is on your side. She woke me up this morning, her story running in my thoughts.

      Now she’s trying to jump the line ahead of FOREVER BOUND, just the way Rex did last time. Here I thought these characters would be disciplined!

  2. Love the cover and can’t wait for it to come out, will this be the last in the series? Can’t wait to find out how it all ends, think I’ll have to read them all again from the beginning enjoyed them so much

  3. Ella I just wanted to say that I loved the plume series! But I also want to let you know that you are losing money when it’s downloaded on I phones. All you have to do is download the free sample and it gives you the whole book! I just thought I would make you aware of that! I love the new cover and Can’t wait to read it!

  4. I just finished reading the second anthology. I loved it. I read the first short story was hooked and had to get the rest. Thank you so much for this story. My heart is hurting for Mike and Joanna, I can’t wait to see what happens with them. And what about Rex, is he going to find happiness??? Waiting as patiently as I can……

  5. Can’t wait for the end of October, feels like i’m wishing my life away waiting for Flashback. I think all you books are fantastic and the cover for Flashback well its giving me hope for Mike and Joanna. X

  6. I finished the second anthology before a huge project was due and now I can’t wait for flashback! I read several authors (over 175 books since January) and I like your style and characters better than most others

  7. Come on Ella! This calls for the plume jumping the line so that we can be put at ease about Joanna’s situation. Leaving us dangling at the end when poor Joanna is bond and gagged at Eric’s not knowing that he will let her go. This is supposed to be about pleasure not despair and fear. How can she safe word with a gag? How can she get out while being bond? Our poor Joanna. And of course ‘Flashback’ is delayed so we will not know what happens to her until you decide to release it. I think this calls for the plume jumping the line so that we can be put at ease about Joanna’s situation. She has to be rescued and soon. Send Rex, send Louisa heck you can even send Mike (what an ass).

    • Mike was just scared that she wanted more than he did and so he acted like an idiot giving her to Eric because he thought it was what she really wanted. He will realize how stupid he was and either he will run after her on his own or Rex will make him. Iam excited to see if Rex really finds someone to make him happy

  8. How do we know that he will realize his mistake? Until ‘Flasback’ comes out, who knows what will happen. Who knows how long she will have to remain at Eric’s before he decides to let her go or she gets rescued? I do not think i could stand it if she Joanna had to stay with Eric any longer. Argh!! The waiting is awful. Why should she forgive Mike? She never really wanted to be with Eric to begin with but only did so because she thought that is what Mike wanted and she wanted to be a good submissive for Mike. She even told Louisa that she did not enjoy being with Eric. It was never what she wanted. For Mike to give her to Eric not knowing how she would be treated was really unforgivable. I think Rex deserves her more than Mike right now. She deserves better.than someone who will give her away, I don’t care how hurt he was. Think of how she must feel.

  9. OMG I did not realize this was NOT the last ugh…Now I have to wait for 2 more of the Plume series….I think I will freak out! When will they come out ?

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