Distribution to KOBO

I was having a look today at the distribution pattern for my books and noticed how few of them have been distributed to KOBO. KOBO has taken on the first three Plume novellas and the first Plume anthology. The other books have been available to KOBO for quite some time, so I have to think that it’s KOBO who isn’t choosing to take them on. It’s possible that this is because they think I don’t sell well there. It makes sense with so many books available that portals would choose ones they know will sell. OTOH, if the author has few titles available through the portal, he or she probably doesn’t have very compelling sales numbers. It’s a bit of a Catch-22.

So, if you are a KOBO customer and would like to see all of my books available through that portal, I’d suggest that you send KOBO a message to that effect. Digital book portals respond most quickly to demand from consumers, so it looks like solving this one is up to you. All I can do is make them available and I’ve done that bit.

Thanks for your help if you do send them a message!

One thought on “Distribution to KOBO

  1. Ella, I have a KOBO and I have all your books. I get them through SMASHWORDS. I also check on KOBO to see when they finally become available on KOBO. Usually takes 2-3 weeks longer than SMASHWORDS. That is your problem. They don’t put them on their system fast enough. And it is not just your books.

    I was also given a KINDLE recently. I was looking for an anthologybooks called Royal Bridesmaids. Amazon had it for KINDLE on the release date. KOBO didn’t get it for 6 weeks in spite of asking for it and checking daily to see if it was there. The authors of this book are 3 of the most prolific and in demand authors of historical romance books: Stephanie Laurens, Gaelen Foley and Loretta Chase.

    Hope this helps you a bit


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