You Did It!

Thanks to everyone who reported to KOBO about wanting my books. Last week, ALL of my books were shipped from Smashwords to every portal. I’m so excited! It’s been very frustrating to see so many books sit so long with the “will be shipped” message. Thank you thank you thank you for reporting and making a difference.

These portals are overwhelmed with content, but they are very consumer-focused. They respond first to requests from their customers. This applies to all books and not just mine – if there is something that you want to buy for your device and don’t see it available, please email the vendor and make them aware that you are disappointed. They might not answer your email, but your post can change what they do. It can certainly speed up something that they’re already doing.

Now, let’s have a little review of what shipped where and when. Usually the titles will take 7 – 14 days to appear on any portal after they have shipped from Smashwords.
Always a Bridesmaid went to B&N on Oct 24 and KOBO on Oct 27.
Deception went to B&N (an updated version) on Oct 24 and to KOBO on Oct 27.
Exhibition went to B&N (an updated version) on Oct 24 and to KOBO on Oct 27.
Exposure went to both B&N and KOBO on Oct 24.
Seduction, Submission, Surrender and the First Plume Anthology have been distributed everywhere since September.
The Best Man went to both B&N (an updated version) and KOBO on Oct 24.
The Second Plume Anthology went to B&N on Oct 24, KOBO on Oct 26, and Apple on Oct 17.

Thanks also for telling me about the Apple sampling issue. Smashwords is going to ship all of the books to Apple again with corrected sampling information.

What would I do without such wonderful readers?! THANK YOU!

4 thoughts on “You Did It!

  1. Just wondering about Flashback? I have been waiting so patiently. Wanting to know what happens to Joanne. I’m ready to download the minute it comes out. Thanks for the Plume books to date. They are awesome.

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