The Best Laid Plans

(No pun intended.)

I have been offline for a bit, but not by choice, thanks to issues with electricity. I’m now back online but still behind. Ugh! My writers’ retreat, where I thought I would get lots of writing done, was actually consumed by making plans to evade hurricane Sandy. I’m really sorry that FLASHBACK isn’t published yet. Trust me when I say that I am more disappointed than you. On the other hand, I’m not going to publish anything until it’s right.

In future, I think I will say “coming soon” instead of giving you a date. A date – even a date that is a goal – seems to invite disaster. :-/

Where are we at? Well, Athena has been giving me grief, but I think I have her (finally) sorted out. Rex is being a dream date (for once). Joanna and Mike are sorting out their woes. FLASHBACK is in that marvelous place of everything finally coming together. Instead of giving you a new date, I’ll tell you when the book is done.

As for Ryan, he’s still sitting in the corner. I’m letting Jessica discipline him a bit before I get back to their story. Once again, the characters at the Plume have jumped the line to get ahead of FOREVER BOUND.

Many apologies to all of you who are impatient – but you know you wouldn’t be happy if the book wasn’t done right.

12 thoughts on “The Best Laid Plans

    • Thanks all of you! You’ve sent some awesome vibes my way since I wrote this post yesterday – the Count is finally telling me things that are useful, instead of playing games. For the past month, he’s been trying to distract me from his real motives with interesting but irrelevant stories. The thing is that I think his real motives are a lot more interesting…

  1. I think I was most upset by you not responding to posts like you had been but I am glad you are ok. I read a lot but your characters have sucked me in and are alive in your books. Hopefully Louise will make an appearance as well.I was starting to wonder if anyone would end up happy but out is starting to look like they are all headed in the right direction. Thanks for writing such wonderful books.

  2. I’ve read The Plume series this week and have to tell you how much I have enjoyed it. I finished Exposure this morning, not having been able to cope with what was looking to be a disasterous series of events last evening before I went to bed, when I was half way through! I was far too consumed with angst about what was happening to characters I have grown to like, so wanting things to come right in the end. Sadly you left me hanging…
    I look forward to Flashback for news of Rex, Joanna and Mike particularly, and hope it will cross the Atlantic with Amazon as soon as it is published. Meantime I shall sample your other series. Happy writing.

    • Thanks Caroline!

      FLASHBACK will be published tomorrow. I publish internationally on Amazon, but their sister sites take a little bit longer to populate. In the past, my titles have become available at Amazon UK six or eight hours after they’re for sale on their US site. It can be up to half a day, which makes me wonder if the time I publish it makes a difference.

  3. I’m so glad to hear you made it through the hurricane. Your well being is far more important than the books. Although, I can’t wait to read the next ones. I’m hooked!

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