The Plume Series – VII

With the Plume in ashes, the members find their options for the future shaped by their respective pasts. Will Rex move past his infatuation with Joanna to find true love? Can Joanna and Mike save their relationship – or is there no going back after their experiment in fulfilling fantasies? If Athena relives her past, will she choose a life with the Count – or will she demand more of him than he can offer?

Available from Amazon.
Available from Smashwords.
Available from All Romance eBooks.
Also available digitally from Apple, Barnes & Noble, Sony and KOBO.

44 thoughts on “FLASHBACK

  1. Ella, it is now out on Smashwords and I have downloaded it. Off to find out what happens next. Thanks for keeping us updated on the schedule.

    I am glad you and your family survived superstorm Sandy.

    • It’s in review on Amazon and has been all afternoon. It can take 12 – 24 hours for a book to be published, then will take another few hours to become available on Amazon UK. I’ll check again later tonight to see if the link is live, but expect it will be live by the morning, eastern time. 🙂

  2. I couldn’t wait for amazon so I got it on Smashwords. It is now on my kindle and is 4p cheaper than getting it on amazon.co.uk. I’m going to have to be careful or I will spend most of the night reading it.

  3. I was at work yesterday when I saw flashback was being releasedtoday. I actuallly screamed Iwas so excited. Now I have gotten all of my coworkers hooked on your books. I am so hooked now.

    • Naomi – it will take a while to get to iBooks, at least two weeks. It can take as many as six. (I know, I know, but nothing I can do about it.)

      That’s why so many are shopping directly at Smashwords. It’s all EPUB.

  4. I have finished it too and I am looking forward to Switch. Course I really really don’t like the Count and I hope Athena gives him his comeuppance.

      • I think most of us would try but wouldn’t stick around too long. I started reading because of the subject but the characters are what keep me coming back.I can’t wait for Rex to find happiness and what about Louise?

  5. Interesting question Ella. Wonder if it would be as good in real life as in fiction. All those book about Vikings and swashbuckling larger than life heroes are all well and good, but I bet they would be a real pain in the butt to life with.

  6. Ella, the last two books were my favorite ones (despite some typos in all of the books). I like the way you’re making the characters deeper and how the plot is developing! Nice work! When will you publish the next book?

    Regards from Brazil!

    • Wow, Luciana, you’re in Brazil! That’s wonderful. Thanks for your comments. I’m having fun with these books.

      As for the schedule, FOREVER BOUND will be my December release, then SWITCH will be out in January.

  7. Yes, I sat up waiting for it to go live that night. I did, however, has enough sense to go to bed & wait until morning to read. I nearly threw my Kindle. Too short & too many loose ends. Now I’m back to waiting. And if I ever meet that sneaky little bitch Leya, she’ll be a grease spot on the pavement when I’m finished. Just sayin’.

    • Hi Robyn – the digital releases should be simultaneously available internationally. The timing will depend upon which portal you’re using.

      In my post yesterday, I listed the dates that Smashwords distributed FLASHBACK to Apple B&N and KOBO. It’s on its way!

      Hope that helps.

  8. Ella, I have read all of your Plume series so far and I love it! I’m addicted! I’m on winter break from college and I’ve spent my time reading your novels! You have such a talent! Flashback is the only one I have left to read! The problem is I read them on my iPhone ad I can’t seem to find Flashback! It says availible for Apple but when I search for it in the Apple Bookstore it isn’t there. Do you know why this is? Can you help me?

    • Thanks Kelly! Glad you’re enjoying the series. 🙂

      Flashback was the most recently published installment in the Plume series. I use Smashwords to distribute to Apple, and sometimes it’s slow. Flashback was published on November 13 on Smashwords and Amazon, but was only transmitted to Apple on December 9. Apple does review all book files before making them available for sale, and it’s possible that they were running behind in December – authors uploaded a LOT of new content in December. Apple also was closed this week for content updates, so it looks like Flashback missed the window of opportunity. I’m sure it will be available there soon. Thanks for your patience!

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