Catching Up

I hope those of you in the US had a wonderful Thanksgiving this weekend!

Here I promised you an update last week, and the time slipped away on me. Sorry about that – I’ve been getting organized. It is such a busy time of year and I clearly need to work on my time management.

Where are we at? Well, FLASHBACK has not only been approved for premium distribution from Smashwords, but it has shipped to many portals this week. It went to Apple on November 16, B&N on November 19, KOBO on November 22. So, depending upon the time delay at each portal, you should start seeing it on sale at those outlets by the end of this week.

Next up will be FOREVER BOUND. No one from the Plume gets to jump the queue this time! I’m working on it now, and it will be a December release. As usual, I’ll let you know when it’s written and is being formatted.

Once FOREVER BOUND is completed, I can get THE WEDDING anthology compiled and the print edition formatted.

The next release will be #8 in The Plume series, SWITCH. I’m going to say January for its release, even though a chunk of it is already written (and more envisioned) because this is a busy time of year. I still need to work with the artist on the cover, so will add a bit of time in case she’s booked up (or busy herself). Again, I’ll give you a shout when it’s being formatted and close to release.

Then we’ll see about Plume #9, which is the big finish and is called CELEBRATION.

One thing I have learned this year is that writing two different series at the same time is a bad idea for me. I won’t do that again!

That probably answered the questions most of you have posted, but I’ll go peek at comments now.

9 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. Cannot wait for Forever Bound…to finish that story off. …and then back to The Plume….want to read what happens to Mike & Joanna.

  2. I have become addicted to your books. I’ve read all of The Plume and anxiously waiting for the last of The Wedding. Is there any hope it will be out by Christmas? My addiction is so bad I’ve started reading them ALL for the 3rd time. LOVE YOUR STORIES!!!!!!

      • Thanks so much for the reply. Looking forward to it when ever I can get it. ( THE SOONER THE BETTER, LOL) thanks for the adventures.

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