I “met” someone from KOBO online this past week, and have learned something wonderful. It seems that I can publish directly to KOBO without having ISBN#’s. I thought otherwise. So, I’ll be setting that up and publishing everything directly to KOBO in the next week or two. That will mean that new titles will be available there sooner, which is very exciting. I like Smashwords, but sometimes the feed to other portals is really really slow.

I would have to have ISBN#’s to go directly to Apple (and I hear that it’s harder to do) so you Apple people will have to continue to be patient. I’ll keep listening, and maybe will learn something that will enable that to change this year, too.

Edited to add – I’m going to modify this plan slightly. I’ll finish SWITCH first, publish it directly to KOBO and everywhere else, THEN go back and move the other titles to feed directly to KOBO.

4 thoughts on “KOBO

  1. Hi Ella,

    I cannot wait for Switch to come out. I found it really exciting that Joanna had turned the tables on Mike. I hope it starts out from where you left us…..hanging. I’m glad she got away from Eric too, I can understand where Joanna was coming from he kinda scares me too. Oh! Oh! And poor poor Rex. I felt sooooo sorry for him. I had a tear for him the poor bugger. I’m hoping he doesn’t pine over Joanna and goes straight to Louise. She’ll fix him up. Hehe. I originally found her annoying but now she’s kinda exciting. I like her.

    Your books are really great Ella, once you’ve finished switch, please don’t leave it too long till you release celebration.


    • Thanks Danelle. I really like the rest of Rex’s story and I hope you will, too. Actually, I like the rest of all the characters’ stories. I’m going to miss them all once the series is done and they’re off being happy.

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