I promised you an update or a buy link today, and you can see from the title which one you’re getting.

Incredibly, Rex behaved himself beautifully this time. Joanna is a bit muddled up and indecisive (as usual), but Mike is more than ready to tell her what to do. Athena, however, is making me crazy. She wants about 100,000 words to “straighten things out with the Count” as she says, but I’m trying to encourage some restraint.


I know you don’t want to hear this, but I’m a week away from being done. 😦

Katie suggested that this series (or maybe the next one) should be longer, but I’m not sure we could all take the torment!

19 thoughts on “Update

  1. I’m sure I could take the torment if you decided to write more!!! In fact I KNOW I could!!!
    Thanks for the update, I hope you manage to encourage Athena some restraint! πŸ™‚

  2. I sooooooooo can’t wait for this book to be released on Amazon. Do u no when that will be? maybe I shouldn’t have read all the others in a week lool just to good to put down

  3. Please please hurry I’m dieing here I need more of the plum u said mid Jan. and now it’s aost the end I need the next book please I know it on its way. But I keep looking every day and still not done howuch longer I’m going crazy here

    • You readers are incredible! It’s wonderful to hear how much you’re enjoying the series.

      And that’s why I really want to get these last two books right. Switch isn’t right yet. I need to let it sit for a few days.

      • I agree Debbie! Im obsessively checking every day for an update but I know that when it comes it will be worth the wait! Just not sure how I’ll handle the wait for the last one lol

    • Yes Sally I’m like a little kid here Jumping up and down pulling on Ella pants leg looking up at her with tears in my eyes asking can we have it now Please pulling on pants leg Please can we read it now please LOL

  4. Please Please can u tell us something about how long will we need to wait for I’m going crazy here I look forward to hear from u Love all your books but the Plum is my Durg and I need my Fix Please thank you for all your time you put in and with all of us bugging you about hurting with the book it’s just we love your story and your writing thanks for everything you do for us

  5. Any news?? The wait is killing me here! I just know that as soon as its released whatever else I’m reading will take a back seat until I’m done with switch!

  6. Hi Ella hope you are feeling better. Is there any news on when switch is being released as im checking everyday as im addicted to your books

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