So Sick

Oh, this is awful. I hope none of you have caught this flu bug that’s going around this year. I’ve been down hard for a week and still feel awful.

SWITCH is late. I’m sorry. Just wanted to let you all know.

And now I’m going back to bed…

19 thoughts on “So Sick

  1. Just checking in on u to see how u r feeling hope u r Getting bettering and tha Rex and Joan mike gets beefer well they all can lay in. Bed they can go over what has happen work on.making it all work out
    ItFixing them and take care the other that needs ur help and they all need to remenber they are a good family Ella u need the most of rest and the druking eat as Koch as u can hold down all rest rex and the others need to take care of u ad him self as well i hope joann can cook for for u all got the flue for all a fal
    Family and when one gets it u all get it please take care of u all I still miss u a lot and I send my love to u all if I can help u with. Anything please please tell me keep me upto date how u r doing ski won’t worry about u

  2. So sorry to hear You are unwell…. Hope You feel better very soon and are back to Yourself. Sending healing thoughts Your way. 🙂

    • Hi julie – I’m hoping for Thursday publication, so if you’re shopping at Amazon, it should be available there on Friday. Smashwords is the only portal that makes books available instantly.

  3. I have read submission on the kobo app it was free is this the whole book? And is it possible to buy the book as a book not an e reader? Think they are great so far and camt wait to carry on reading them. X

    • Hi lisa – Glad you liked Submission! It’s the first novella in a series of nine linked novellas – right now, seven of them are available. I bundle three novellas into anthologies that are published both digitally and in print, but distribution is difficult. You might need to buy the print editions on Amazon – that’s one place that does carry them. Look here.

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