The Plume Series #8
Welcome to the Plume – where members are bound by desire and fantasies come true…

Rex decides to make a new beginning, before he’s tempted all over again. Athena exacts her vengeance upon the Count, then embarks on a new adventure. Joanna teaches Mike a lesson and learns more than she anticipated. Mike is determined to save his relationship with Joanna, never realizing just how much less submissive she’s become.

Available at Amazon.
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Available at All Romance eBooks.
Available at Barnes & Noble.
Available at KOBO.
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Also will be available at Apple.

73 thoughts on “Switch!

    • Diana – it seems to take 6 – 10 hours longer for a new title to get out to the other Amazon portals, once it appears on Amazon.com. It changes a lot though, probably based on traffic. We’ll just have to watch.

      It was published there at 3:30 Eastern. Set your watches, everyone! Let’s time the portals!

  1. Ella I finished it this morning. It is great. I can see a whole lot of story lines coming out of this for a whole lot more books with these characters. Particularly with Mike and JOanna and the Count and Athena. Maybe even Rex, Leya and Michelle. There could be an interesting conflict between Athena and Leya. And then there is Julius.

    So many possibilities. And they could even rebuild the Plume……….. bigger and better.

  2. As always Ella Ardent does not fail, and so it’s a given that SWITCH was yet another great installment in the series. If you have not read this series please do so NOW. The magnificent story line and well developed characters are just a couple of the reasons to get submerged in the Plume series, of course the erotica being the major one. I have fallen in love with the characters and feel like I know them. Cannot wait for what’s next!

  3. Wow! Ella you’ve done a fantastic job on switch I couldn’t put it down! – I’m not sure i can handle the wait for celebration! Especially knowing its the last one 😦

    • Wow, really? It’s not there yet? I’ve heard that they’re really backed up this month for some reason, and that new titles are taking longer to become available. It’s usually about two weeks (which is plenty long enough, I think!)

      Hope it shows up soon.

  4. Hey Ella, I am so in love with your Plume series. I am dying for my “Switch” fix. When will it be available for iBooks.

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