KOBO Bestseller List!

It’s the first time I’ve been on a bestseller list, and what great company. SURRENDER is #6 at KOBO for indie-published books.


WooHOO! I’m so excited! (Look at all those famous authors on the same list. Wow!)

About Ella Ardent

I am a happily married writer with an active imagination.

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  1. Well I think you should be no.1 Ella just love your books x

  2. congratulations Ella. Guess you will have to write lots more Plume stories now

  3. Congrats Ella I think you should be #1

  4. I am saving Flashback and Switch for my husband-only-no-kids holiday to Switzerland in mid March, it’s killing me avoiding them but I have promised myself I will re-read the whole Plume series before to refresh the story. I had my heart in my mouth at the ending of Exposure with Mike and Joanna and the gorgeous Rex – I can’t believe I’ve lasted and avoided the temptation to dip into them.

  5. I have purchased and read all of your books and am now impatiently awaiting the next. I know you just finished switch but I have already finished reading it. I love the plum series.

  6. I asbsolutly love the plume series and have recommendi it to all my friends to buy your books I cant what for the next book.

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