I’ve had postcards printed for my two series, and would be happy to send them out to any of you who would like them. If you want to take some to a readers’ conference, if you have a blog and send out such things with prizes, if you’d like some to share with your friends of if you’d just like postcards for yourself, all you have to do is let me know. The one for the Plume series has the nine novella covers on the front and is oversized. The one for the Wedding, has those three novella covers on the front and is regularly sized. Just let me know how many you’d like when you send me your mailing address.

Leave a comment on this post if you’re interested. Your email address won’t show, and I’ll email you when I see your comment.

Meanwhile, Celebration keeps getting longer! This morning both Rex and Joanna left ideas on my desk – these characters don’t want this series to end! It will be at least half as long again as the other novellas, so you’ll have more to read when it’s done.

8 thoughts on “Postcards

  1. Part of me is dying for you to finish so I can read it but another part doesn’t want you to finish because it means the end of one of my favorite series…I’m completely torn!


  2. Ella the The Plume series was the best, most exciting, most erotic book I have ever read. I am totally in love with all the characters. I finished The Plume Anthology one and two in 4 days, I can’t wait for Celebration. Awesome, sincerely Wendi

  3. Any news on celebration? The wait is killing me!! I am happy to hear that it will be longer than the others but still – I don’t know how much longer I can wait! Lol

  4. Thank you so much Ella received my postcards this morning and I love them, going to be so sorry when the whole series finishes have got to really love all the different characters and just don’t want it to end, will just have to read them all again I think lol, thanks again Ella x

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