A Contest

The Plume: The First Anthology by Ella Ardent

Things are a little quiet around here, probably because I’m busily writing another book and you’re off reading.


Let’s have a contest! I have beautiful trade paperback copies of each of the Plume Anthologies and that gives me an idea.

The Plume: The Third Anthology by Ella Ardent

Post a comment below and tell me which of the anthologies you’d pick if you won the contest, and why.

I’ll pick three winners who each get one anthology, and one lucky winner will receive all three anthologies! Just comment on this post, and make sure that your email address is correct. Contest entry will close in one week, at midnight eastern on June 11. I’ll pick a winner on June 12. The contest is open internationally.

Good luck!

34 thoughts on “A Contest

  1. There is no way I could pick just one anthology, every chapter makes you hungry for more of the Characters, more of Their Experiences and more of Their Lives. But if I really had to pick then it would be the First. This is where it all began and created that hunger for more.

  2. Hard to choose, but I am trying to get all on paper. Want to say thank you for writing for us readers. I am in love with these books.

  3. Don’t think I could choose any as I loved them all, think I would choose the next anthology that you write, know it won’t be the plume, but it can’t end as it did want to know what happens to all the characters I know that’s a bit greedy but am totally addicted lol x

  4. If I had to choose (which would be extremely difficult) it would have to be the first, the beginning of the series created my love for the characters, my desire to know them more intimately, captivated the poet in me inspiring me to write and also reminded me of my own journey discovering my more erotic side.

  5. I really wanna read celebration have bought all the others through itunes bt celebration isnt there big disappointment…. 😦

      • Woohoo I am so so excited I can’t wait to get the third anthology thank u so much now ill have to go buy the first and second in paper also so I have a complete collection 🙂

  6. Oh I would love all three!! Lolss but since I HAVE to choose it would be the first one. I fell in love with yout work and the characters on the first go. I have great memories from it. On a side side note I would love to finally win at one of these contests. I have all your books on my nook will ADORE the paperback of them!!!!! ❤

      • Hi.. since I havent got a confirmation that you have received my address I would likek to send it to you again.. I really would like to receive my books 🙂

      • Hi Angela – I did receive your address. Sorry for not replying to your email. Your book was mailed yesterday, so it’s on its way to you.

        I removed your contact info from your comment so you don’t get spammed. 🙂

  7. I love them all and I can’t choose I’d be happy with any. I love the first because you get to meet the characters and have your first taste of the plume. I’m waiting for my kit in the post so I can have my oun trench coat and domino mask but feel just like with my hogwarts letter ill always be waiting. I love the second because the exhibition blew my mind even though I read it at Xmas I can still envision that scene as if I was there. I love the final one because its not really the end. It seems that mike and Joanna’s story is over but for Michelle it’s just the begining. This whole serie was so funny, loveable and erotic that I will enjoy reading it many times over. Plus I’m so stealing the Xmas present idea this Xmas I’m just hoping my husband will notice it and not make me wait all night lol.

  8. The first I think, the storyline is so very different from anything I have read before. This is pure fantasy but I could visualise it and believe in it The characters were three-dimensional and different but likeable in so many different ways. I have to admit to adoring Rex. ultimately I just loved the way the whole thing developed and couldn’t wait for the next installment.

    Look forward to more from you

  9. I would not be able to pick an anothology! I love them all. I have been a huge fan from the beginning! I read these over and over again. I love the characters and the Plume!

    • Congratulations, Paula –

      You’ve won the set of all three anthologies of the Plume! Look for an email from me with details.

      Thanks everyone for reading my books, and for entering the contest!

  10. For me it would have to be the second. I loved that Louise became more of a major player. I loved the whole exhibition set up from the planning to the creating to the actual show, I swear I could see it all! I also enjoyed the change in Mike and Joanna’s relationship – although im not sure theyd agree! All in all the second anthology gave me the chance to further explore these characters and stories I never realised I would love so much and left me wanting more 🙂

  11. So pretty! 🙂 Thank you for the book! What a great way to start the week, arriving home from work to find a special package waiting for me 🙂 you’ve made my day! x

  12. Today was a rainy, gloomy day. I got home from work and was reading Seduction when the mailman dropped off your books! It cheered me up and made my day! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to read them in paperback now!

  13. USo afterba long day at work I come home to the best suprise ever: the books came!!! Thank you so much and I love that its autographed. My first!!!! Thank you.

  14. Omg pls tell me u are going to come out w a pheonix series fir the plume 🙂 i bought all of them threw itunes of course accept celebration which i luckily won yay and nw i am crossing my fingers for a pheonix series for the plume and im nt done yet w celebration lol bt god i am in love w these books next is the wedding anthologies i so need to get the 1-2 anthology in in paper nw to complete me collection even though i have on my ipad i love ur books ….

    • Know what you mean Shari, went into withdrawal after the plume finished, had to have something else to read just finished the wedding anthology and loved it, hurry up Ella we all want new stories now, I really am beginning to think I’m in deep withdrawal now lol x

  15. Ok i finally finished celebration and nw i feel like i seriously need another book for the plume only there isnt one im stomping my feet and throwing a tantrum over here w anticipation as i feel this wasnt the end 🙍will there be another series for the plume soon i really hope there is a yes to this esp w rex and michelle…

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