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I’ve been hearing a lot about audio editions of books, and have been wondering whether I should venture into this new realm. There are lots of pros and cons, as well as decisions to be made. I’m thinking about the Plume anthologies, which are a bit challenging because there are so many characters. My inclination is to find a male narrator with a nice deep voice and possibly a British accent – not because he’d sound like any of the characters but because he’d sound like none of them (and thus a narrator). I could be way off base, though, and audio books aren’t cheap to make or buy.

So, I’ll ask you!

Do you listen to audio books that are erotica?

Do you prefer male or female narrators?

What about accents? Do you prefer British or American accents?

Tell me what you think!

19 thoughts on “Questions for You

  1. I love audio books. I read the digital versions of books and if they are good, I read them many times. I would love audio books. I listen to them often while working to help pass the time, distract me, relax me or motivate me. I have no preference for a male or female narrator as long as it was the same one for all your books. I know audio books are not cheap and are a lot of work. Some authors narrate their own audio books like the Sookie Stakhouse series. I read every day. Reading is a large part of my life and I love discovering new authors that I love. I cannot wait for more from you!

  2. Well I don’t do audio books. I love to read. I was given 3 audio books many years ago, and I did listen to them. They were Star Trek stories and one of the actors read the books (each book had a different reader). I do remember one was George Takei.

    I did enjoy them, but I really prefer to read than listen.

    Hope this helps Ella.

    • This is so interesting. Thanks to all of you for commenting so quickly. People are telling me that the audience for audio books is totally different from that for books and even ebooks. There are evidently some people who buy both, but most audio listeners buy audio – and most book readers don’t buy audio. So audio is a way to find new audience. Isn’t that fascinating? And yes, I was told that absolutely, definitely, unquestionably to pick ONE narrator for an entire series, if not for everything that goes to audio.

      So, you’re all confirming the rumors beautifully. 🙂

      They are expensive to produce and expensive for customers, too. I’ve been talking to ACX, mostly because they’re affiliated with Amazon. That makes distribution easy, but also their Whispersync means that if you’ve bought the ebook from Amazon, you get offered a discount on the audio – and that you can switch back and forth between them as you’re reading. I like that.

      Keep the comments coming, please! I’ll keep listening to narrators for the right one.

  3. I can use audio books the voice doesn’t matter to me too much as long as they aren’t boring, put a little life into the reading. My problem with audio books is the price. Unless you have money to burn or use them because you can’t read for one reason or another they are a waste of money in my opinion because the paperbacks and ebooks are cheaper.

  4. I would love to listen to one but I would always prefer to read them… there is just something special about books and ebooks

  5. I have all 7 of the Harry Potter books on CD. Have listened to them many, many times on my iPod. Would love to have Ella’s anthologies in audiobook form.
    If you do seriously go with the audio form, try and get Jim Dale to narrate. He id an excellent job with HP and you know how many voices that was!!!…..Karen

  6. I listen to audio books when working, working out, working around the house and when I cannot sleep at night. Mostly though I listen to audio books when working. I have the kind of job where I work solo and I love listening to audio books to help pass the time. I love audio books because when I listen to them I hear them from a different perspective that I read them in. I enjoy that. I listen to audio books over and over.

    I know of people who are sight impaired who listen to audio books too!

  7. Phil Gigante – now that’s one voice that can make any woman swoon !! If you have not hear him before, listen to the Highlander Series or Dark Fever Series (books #3-5) by Karen Marie Mooning. OMG……what a voice

  8. I would suggest two audio versions…one male for your female readers…and one female for your male readers. I am certain I can not be the only male who reads you. This genre of book is cross gender…every adult could be interested in it…thats what is good for the author…bigger audience. Just make sure the voices sound sexy and you will have a hit.

    • That’s an interesting idea, Ian. Thanks. I know there are both male and female readers of the Plume series – in fact, I’m wondering if there are more male readers! It would be fun to know for sure. Hmmm.

  9. I love books, and acctually adio books are a good idea, while I’m at the gym it’s very difficult to work out and read at the same time. Problem is I get so into I chapter I don’t want to put the book down. If you had them done I would buy them it would be refereshing to re-cap on the plume. And hearing it also gives you a different perspective on the book.

  10. I love both and have audio and a hard copy of a few books. Nothing beats the pages of a real book but when your driving, working, exercising, ect audio books are perfect.

    • Thanks Marie. I’m still thinking about audiobooks, but haven’t decided whether to do any yet or not. There just isn’t enough time in the day to do everything I want to get done!

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