Pre-Orders on Dangerous

I’m trying something new this time, and setting up the installments of Dangerous as pre-orders. The links are starting to go live!

D, the first installment of Dangerous, an erotic romance by Ella Ardent

D: Part 1 of Dangerous goes on sale October 10, so if you pre-order it now, it will be delivered to you on that day. I’ll add the links here as they appear.

Part I: D
In which Reid makes an acquisition…

October 10, 2013
All Romance eBooks
Barnes & Noble

9 thoughts on “Pre-Orders on Dangerous

    • Hi Shari – It should be available for pre-order at Apple, but they’ll probably be the last portal to make it available. I’m working with the people at Smashwords to try to get the books on sale at Apple sooner. Fingers crossed!

    • HI Eleanor – Amazon is the one portal where I can’t set up a pre-order. 😦 So, I’m setting up the files and will publish at Amazon the night before the on-sale date each time.

  1. Paula, I just left KOBO and the first 3 parts of Dangerous are available for preorder already. Just search Ella’s name and sort by date (newest to oldest) and the first 3 books will show up.

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