In Transition at B&N

If you shop at Barnes and Noble, you might notice my books disappearing this week. They’ll reappear, probably by the end of the week. The only ones that will stay put are the installments of Dangerous that are up for pre-order (A and N are there), and Submission, which already is shipping by this new route.

What’s going on is that I’m changing out the distribution from one method to another. I’m hoping that this is fairly painless, but we’ll see. I’m also hoping that this will fix the glitch that has kept my books from appearing in search results on the Nook UK store. I’ll have to update the buy links here on the site once everything is done.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

3 thoughts on “In Transition at B&N

    • Hi J – Unfortunately, I can’t set up the pre-orders at Amazon. They just don’t offer that choice. So, the files are all set up there. Last night, I published D in the early evening my time since Amazon has been pretty quick lately. They always publish first to the US site (.com) then it takes a few more hours to appear on Amazon UK.

      I’ll publish a few hours earlier next week – dinner time Wednesday my time – and we’ll see how it goes!

      Thanks for your understanding. 🙂

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