News About The Phoenix

It’s been quiet around here, but I’ve been working. (Have you?!)

My plan for the Phoenix has been refined – it will be an open-ended series of erotic romances, all set in the same world. Some of the same characters will have ongoing roles, but you won’t have to read the stories in order.

Right now, the scheme is to launch in May, with a short story introducing the series called Revealed, and also the first erotic romance novella in the series, which will be called Harnessed. I’m hoping to have some new covers to show to you soon.

My hope is also to always have the next novella available for pre-order, where possible, when one is published. So, I’ll get the pre-order for Revealed and Harnessed up soon. The on-sale date will likely be mid-May, by which point the pre-order for Hunted will be up. I’m aiming to publish novellas at 60 day intervals.

I learned a lot about pre-orders with Dangerous, including how difficult it is to manage them. I will distribute directly to B&N and KOBO in future, which means there will be pre-orders at KOBO at least. There might be pre-orders at Apple, depending on the length of their approval process. Of course, there will be pre-orders at Smashwords, too.

Stay tuned! I’m hoping to have some covers to show you soon.

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