I hope you’ve all had a good summer. I’ve spent most of mine being stuck.

Hunted by Ella Ardent

I wrote the majority of Hunted back in June, Everything was rolling along so well, then BAM, I was stuck. I had no idea how to resolve the story. None. I was sure the answer would come to me eventually, and it did, although it took a lot longer than I’d hope. The thing with being stuck is that there’s no telling when you’ll be unstuck, so I couldn’t give you much of an update.

Until now. I am unstuck.

I have a couple more scenes to write to wrap everything up, then it goes to my editor. I won’t put this one up for pre-order since it’s late. I’ll let you know as soon as it’s uploaded. Thanks for your patience. I really like this story now, although there were moments this summer when I wished Shara hadn’t bought herself this particular birthday present. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Stuck

  1. Hi I see this is for sale in the American amazon but could you pls give a date for the UK…..I’m desperate to pick up where I left off. Absolute brilliant series is the Phoenix x

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