New Plume Boxed Set

The Plume: The Complete Series is now available as a boxed set.


This is a huge book! What’s interesting about it is that the individual novellas are erotica (because they don’t always have an HEA) but the whole series together is an erotic romance. Joanna’s story, from her introduction to the Plume to her happy ending, is the spine of the story, and that makes it a romance.

When reporter Joanna joins the exclusive sex club called The Plume in search of the truth, she expected to be stirred by the BDSM games played in this haven for pleasure and pain. But there are surprises in store, from the Master Rex’s knowledge of her secret desires before she admits to them, to her own growing need to play The Plume’s games, to the revelation that Mike, the man she loves, was once a member of the club. How can she choose between Rex and Mike, between pleasure and passion? And when she does, how far will she go to protect the relationship she wants forever, body and soul?

This volume includes all nine erotic novellas in The Plume Series, as well as an excerpt from Revealed, the first book in The Phoenix Series.

Right now, the digital version is available exclusively at Kobo.

The print edition is available exclusively at Amazon or Createspace.

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