Dangerous and KU

Fantasy can be the most deadly game of all…

When a woman with a hunger for risk challenges a man who needs to possess, nothing can quench the passion that sparks between them—except a secret from the past, one that will seal their fates together forever or destroy them both.

Dangerous, the complete erotic romance, by Ella ArdentMy erotic romance, Dangerous, is currently enrolled in KDP Select, which means that if you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you can read Kendra and Reid’s story free.

Claimed, an Erotic Romance by Ella ArdentKendra and Reid will make an appearance in the Phoenix Series, in the novella, Claimed. In this story, Rex will help them take their relationship to the next level. Claimed will be published in March.

I mention this now because Dangerous is only enrolled in KU through November 20. After that, it’ll be republished at the other online portals. So, if you’re in KU and want to read it, pick it up now.

Dangerous, the first instalment of the erotic romance by Ella ArdentD: Part One of Dangerous will also be republished at other portals and will be perma-free. That will let you have a sneak peek at the story.

Get Dangerous at Amazon.

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