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Finally, the buy links are live for Sold, which will be available January 19. This is erotic romance novella #5 in The Phoenix Series.

Sold, an Erotic Romance by Ella Ardent

V – Sold

Athena offers Steele a night of her undivided attention, only to have him startle her with a confession of love. There’s no place for such tender emotions in the dominatrix’s life—just passion and pleasure—or so she thinks until she learns that Steele has chosen to pose as a slave at a rival club’s notorious auction. Worse, he’s done it to catch her old adversary and lover, the Count. Athena knows she has to intervene and buy Steele herself, but how much will she risk to ensure his safety? The future of the Phoenix? Her partnership with Rex? Or even herself?

Available January 19

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3 thoughts on “Links for Sold

  1. Finally the fifth instalment to the Phoenix series (9 months late I believe!)…I had really looked forward to it. BUT…to be honest…it felt like it had been written by a completely different person compared to the first 4 instalments. If I am not mistaken…it was also about 30-40 or so pages shorter?!?

    Sorry to say it but I am left fairly disappointed by this novel. It seems more like a “crime fiction” with some “naughty” stuff thrown in here and there…it feels like it was written in a hurry and just left me with a sense of…a good word to describe it…hmmmm…made me feel BLAH! There was really no true erotica or BDSM like the other books! It is boooooring and predictable…I hope the 6th instalment is better than this one because it wasn’t worth the AU$3.99! I have spent a lot of money buying Ella’s books…this one is not worth it! 😦

    • Hi Dorte – I’m sorry that you were disappointed by Sold. It *was* a very different book for me, which is probably why it took me so long to write. Athena always does give me a challenge and her relationship with Steele did take things in this direction.

      Claimed is much more typical of the series, fwiw. I hope you see fit to give it a try!

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