Welcome to Euphoria

Welcome to a new series of erotic fairy tales, set in the realm of Euphoria—where royalty command all to serve their pleasure, but passion is the greatest power of all.

This is a new series for me, launching in June. It’s the result of a collaboration with another author that I think is a fun thing – she’s writing a series of contemporary romances with a continuing character (the heroine in the first book, actually) who writes erotic romance. She wanted to have someone write the erotic romances, but doesn’t write in that subgenre herself. So, enter yours truly! This is the project that got me writing again last summer, and I’m pretty excited about it. Thus far, I have five books planned out in my series, to coordinate with the five books in hers. Both series launch in June – check back for more details!

I just love the covers for these books. Here’s the first one:

Her Dark Prince, an erotic fairy tale by Ella Ardent

1 – Her Dark Prince

Can Beauty tame this Beast?

A defiant beauty is claimed for the annual village tithe to the ruling family of Euphoria, whose crown prince desires only the satisfaction of his own dark desires. He gets far more from his captive lover, whose talent for unveiling his secrets leaves them both wondering who is master and who is slave.

Available June 21, 2016

Pre-order at iBooks, Kobo or Smashwords.

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