A Collaboration

Her Dark Prince, an erotic fairy tale by Ella ArdentI mentioned to you last year that I was participating in a collaboration with another author, and that the books in question would launch this year. You might have already guessed that Tales from Euphoria is my side of the collaboration – these are retellings of fairy tales, set in a fictional medieval world. Each is a love story and an erotic romance. I’m having a wonderful time writing these stories. (Psst, I’ve added the other covers to the Euphoria series page.)

The series came about because an author I know, Deborah Cooke, is writing a contemporary romance series that also launches this June. The heroine of the first book in her series is an avid reader of erotic romance and over the course of the first story, she begins to write and publish her own erotic romances. Deborah thought it would be fun to be able to excerpt the heroine’s stories in the books, and after some discussion, we agreed that I would write and publish the stories that would appear as “Amy”‘s books in Deborah’s series. We also had the idea that the storylines should echo or mirror each other in some way and that we would publish on the same schedule. Deborah’s series is called Flatiron Five and the first book will be Simply Irresistible. It’ll be out in June, on the same day as Her Dark Prince.

We’ll be doing some joint promotion – here are the bookmarks we’ve had printed:

Bookmark for Ella Ardent's Tales of Euphoria series of erotic fairy tales and Deborah Cooke's Flatiron Five series of contemporary romances

If you’d like to have some for yourself, just let me know (comment on this post) and I’ll be happy to mail some to you. They’re also going to some conferences this spring.



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