Hunter and Stevie

Claimed, an Erotic Romance by Ella ArdentI had a feeling about this pair.

When I started to write Claimed, I knew that part of the story would be Kendra and Reid’s wedding and her collaring. That’s a kind of an epilogue to Dangerous. I also knew we’d catch up with Rex, and Athena, and Amy. I still needed another story, a romance set at The Phoenix, to finish it out.

It turns out that Kendra has a friend named Stevie, who has always been sweet on the bad boy she met when he was 13 and she was 11. Hunter disappeared, after being caught stealing a kiss from Stevie—her first kiss, and the one that has been the benchmark ever since—but returned to ensure that she didn’t spend Christmas Eve alone. She’s been fantasizing about him ever since and once Reid hears about it, he decides to give Stevie a present for being Kendra’s maid-of-honor. (You can guess where they have the wedding.)

Hunter is hot and he’s trouble. He’s a rebel and a rock star, a man who hides his thoughts from everyone and claims to have a clockwork heart (like the one tattooed on his chest) instead of a real one. He knows he can’t be good for Stevie and is determined to push her limits, so that she’ll push him away. The problem is that Stevie keeps coming back for more.

I quickly realized that this pair weren’t going to make it short and sweet. I debated the merit of making their story into another book, but then decided to just go for it. And so, this “novella”, which was expected to be between 35,000 and 40,000 words when finished, is actually a short book at 56,000 words in length. The longest Phoenix story yet. I’m going to make it available in a print edition by itself, just in case you like Hunter and Stevie’s story as much as I do.

Here’s the bonus bit: Hunter is in a band with two other guys. One’s married, and the other is even more trouble than Hunter—so I have another book in the works. And there’s a new cover for book #7 of the Phoenix Series—Marked—which will probably be published in the summer, after Her Dark Prince.

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