Print Distribution

The Plume: The Complete Series by Ella ArdentI mentioned last week that the bigger books – the collections of novellas – are available in wider distribution than the cute little books. Previously, they were all available from Amazon with some distribution to other portals. It turns out that many stores and libraries prefer to order print books from Ingrams.

So, now those larger print editions are available through Ingrams, which means that your local bookstore or library can order them. This has been a lot more time consuming than expected, but now it’s done.

You can now ask for any of the Plume Collections, The Phoenix Collection or the Wedding Anthology at your local bookstore or library.

These print editions also have new ISBN#’s:
The Plume: The Complete Series ISBN 9780995023444
The Plume: The First Anthology ISBN 9780995023413
The Plume: The Second Anthology ISBN 9780995023420
The Plume: The Third Anthology ISBN 9780995023437
The Wedding Anthology ISBN 9780995023406
Tales from the Phoenix: The First Collection ISBN 9780995023451

From this point onward, all big books will go into wider distribution, through both Ingrams and Amazon.


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