Get Ready!

I’ve had some interesting discussions this fall with publishers and other writers. As a result of these chats (and a good bit of thinking) I’m going to be revising a number of my books, and giving most of them new covers.

So, this is just a little advance warning for you. I’ll be unpublishing the following books in the next few weeks. They won’t be available again in their current format but will be changed and published in new editions.

Dangerous, the complete erotic romance, by Ella ArdentDangerous

Reid and Kendra’s story was originally published in nine installments. The first one remains available and is free in a lot of places. I’m going to revise this book to be in three installments, give it new covers and maybe make some editorial changes, too. It’ll be relaunched then. It’s possible that you’ll be able to download the complete story as a new edition if you already have the book on your e-reader, but the installments will be entirely new book products.

So, if you want the first part free, or the whole book as it is, grab it now! If you want to update your version, do it now.

There’s also a Goodreads Giveaway for six print copies of Dangerous with this cover. Sounds like a collectors’ edition to me. 🙂

Submission, first in the Plume Series of erotic novellas by Ella ArdentThe Plume novellas

The Plume series was originally published as nine novellas. The stories were then gathered into anthologies of three novellas each called Plume anthologies. Last year, I created a book containing the complete Plume series, so right now, there are thirteen book products in the series. Submission, the first novella, is currently free or 99 cents at online portals. I want to give new covers to this series, ones that reflect my realization that the Plume is actually the story of Mike and Joanna’s romance, with a whole lot of subplots. I’ll be unpublishing the nine novellas at most portals, and updating the three anthologies as well as the Complete Plume.

So, if you want to grab Submission for free, or need any of the individual novellas to make your naughty collection complete, or you want to update your versions, now’s the time. I think you’ll be able to download the updates as new editions if you already have the anthologies or the complete series volume.

The Wedding Series and The Phoenix Series will both be getting new covers, but they’ll just be updated at the various portals when the new covers are done. You will be able to download those as new versions if you’ve bought them already. There’s also a Goodreads giveaway for four copies of The Wedding Series with its current cover, so there’s another collectors’ edition.

More changes to come!

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