The Best Man at iBooks

The Best Man #18 overall free at iBooks on January 15, 2017

Something wonderful is happening at iBooks for Jake and Christina’s story. The Best Man is currently free at all portals, but the magic is at iBooks, where it’s #18 free overall in the store!

I took a screen shot of the top eighteen books, because I’m always interested in the company my books are keeping. 🙂

Top Free Titles at iBooks on January 15, 2017

Thanks to everyone who grabbed a copy of The Best Man! It’s still free, so you can still get a copy.

He made her secret fantasies come true…

Christine has always been in love with her best friend’s older brother, Jake. The fact that she’s maid of honor and he’s best man at Jess’s Caribbean wedding means that they’ll be thrown together repeatedly for the week of the festivities. Christine takes a chance and tells Jake about her secret and naughty fantasy, hoping he’ll take the challenge of fulfilling her dreams. Jake has always wanted Christine to be more than his ‘other baby sister’ but doesn’t want to lose her friendship. He can’t believe his luck when she admits her sexy dream—and nothing will stand in the way of him making it come true.

Available at Amazon.
Available at Amazon UK.
Available at iBooks.
Available at Barnes and Noble.
Available at KOBO.

4 thoughts on “The Best Man at iBooks

  1. Hi Ella:I just finishreading Thr Best Man and I really enjoy it and I’m going to reading the other two books.Take care and keep up the good work. Juanita Ervin

  2. Dear Ms Ardent
    You say the book THE BEST MAN is still free but when I went to the iBooks store it was priced at £1.99 could you please tell me if it is only free in the USA.
    Thank you

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