His Lost Princess and Her Enchanted Knight

Last week, His Lost Princess went on sale, and Her Enchanted Knight went up for pre-order at iBooks and Kobo. I put both in the newsletter, then forgot to post here. 🙂


In the lost realm of Euphoria, royalty command all to serve their pleasure, but passion is the greatest power of all.

His Lost Princess, #2 of the Euphoria series of fairy tales by Ella Ardent2 – His Lost Princess

Can Charming win his Bride?

Royce discovers his legacy and falls in love with a mysterious maiden at his coming-of-age ball. When morning comes, the lady has vanished, and he learns that his newfound status as crown prince will be secured with an arranged marriage. But Royce wants only his mysterious maiden as his bride. Can he find her before all that was found is lost again?

Available at Amazon, Barnes&Noble,  iBooks and Kobo.

Her Enchanted Knight, #3 of the Euphoria series of fairy tale romances by Ella Ardent3 – Her Enchanted Knight

Can Red free her lover from the Wolf?

Lost in a blizzard in the northern forests of Euphoria, Balthazar accepts a wager in exchange for shelter—never realizing that he’s giving sanctuary to a dangerous beast. The Wolf will devour any man who gives it refuge, unless one woman can defend this knight against the foe that lurks within.

Coming July 13, 2017

Pre-order at iBooks and Kobo.

2 thoughts on “His Lost Princess and Her Enchanted Knight

    • Hi Hailey – Sorry I didn’t see your comment sooner. I took a bit of a break from writing and publishing, but am back now. Right now, I’m uploading and republishing my books at Amazon – the plan is to enroll them in Kindle Unlimited in December. Once I get that done, I’ll work on Her Enchanted Knight and the rest of the Euphoria series.

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