Kindle Unlimited

Always a Bridesmaid, second in The Wedding series of contemporary romances by Ella ArdentI’ve been quiet for a while, busy working the day job, but am taking another look at my books. They’ve been available exclusively at KOBO for the past year, but now are being reloaded at Amazon. I’m going to enroll them in Kindle Unlimited once they become unavailable everywhere else. (Books have to be exclusive to Amazon to be in Kindle Unlimited.) That will probably happen in December, and I’ll let you know when they go into KU.

In the meantime, I have some work to do! The links are changing from the old versions. (Surprise!) This means that the links inside the ebooks won’t work until I update them this week. I’ll reformat the other titles before uploading them now that I know this is happening.

You can find these titles at Amazon for purchase today:
Always a Bridesmaid

The Best Man

Forever Bound

The Wedding

The Plume: The First Collection, an erotic romance by Ella ArdentThe Plume: The First Collection

The Plume: The Second Collection

The Plume: The Third Collection

The Plume: The Complete Collection

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