Into Kindle Unlimited

As of today, the Wedding series and the Plume series are enrolled in Kindle Unlimited! If you’re a subscriber, you can read both series free. If you aren’t a subscriber, the three novellas in the Wedding series have all been discounted to 99 cents.

These are links:

The Plume: The First Collection, an erotic romance by Ella ArdentAlways a Bridesmaid

The Best Man

Forever Bound

The Wedding

The Plume: The First Collection

The Plume: The Second Collection

The Plume: The Third Collection

The Plume: The Complete Collection

Always a Bridesmaid, second in The Wedding series of contemporary romances by Ella ArdentIf you live in a territory with its own Amazon store, you can change the link to redirect. (Yes, Amazon should do this automatically, but they don’t.) The ASIN (that’s the number that starts with a B) is unique to each product and works in all Amazon stores where that product is available. (My books are available in all markets.) So, you can change the link.

Here’s the link for Always a Bridesmaid at

If you’re in Canada, just change the url from .com to .ca, like this:

If you’re in the UK, change the url from .com to, like this:

The reviews don’t appear to have linked up with the new editions, unfortunately, but there are still reviews on Goodreads. Next up, I need to reformat the ebook interiors for my other books and get them onto Amazon. The Phoenix needs new covers, too. Everything will go into KU this time, so stay tuned.

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