New Books2Read Universal Links

Here’s another solution to finding my books in your Amazon store, if you’re living outside of the US. I’ve added Books2Read Universal links to the book pages. I’m quite impressed with these, actually.

When you click the Books2Read link for a book, like The Best Man, here on my site, you’ll be directed to a landing page. In this case, that landing page is right here. In case you don’t feel like clicking, it looks like this:

Books2Read landing page for The Best Man by Ella Ardent

Of course, the book is only shown as being available for Kindle, because it’s enrolled in Kindle Unlimited. If it was available at other stores, their logos would all be displayed in a row.

If you click that link, Books2Read will direct you to the book page in your local Amazon store (UK, CA, DE, whatever) based upon the location of your internet service provider (ISP). It redirects, exactly as Amazon does not. How cool is that? Also, Books2Read will remember your preferred store and take you directly there when you click on their link in future, on this site or any others.

So, you can use the link for the US store and the Books2Read universal link for all other Amazon stores.

I also end up with a landing page for ALL of my books through this service: Ella Ardent.

On another note, I added links for the print editions of the Plume anthologies to the site. Amazon is rejecting the cover for the Wedding collection and also the one for the complete Plume, so I’m hoping my designer can sort it out. This is weird, because they were fine before, but we’ll get it solved.

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