June Update

Time for a little update! I’ve been working on two different books, each of which is growing into a longer work. Both are the kinds of stories that I’ll publish as a series, but there are big differences between them. I’m loving them both, but am uncertain which will be done first – and the whole story has to be completed before I start publishing.

The first story is a romance, featuring a dancer who doesn’t follow anyone’s rules and a man who has lost everything. She’s intrigued by him when he comes to watch her perform, and pursues him when he tries to disappear into the night. Despite himself, he’s interested in her and finds himself revealing a little bit of himself (as well as seducing her.) I like that she’s so active and adventurous, and that he has so many secrets. It doesn’t hurt that unraveling his past leads her to Rex, or that these two are so hot together. No titles or covers yet, but I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

The second story is the one that’s different. It’s a reverse harem story, which features one woman and four guys, and it’s paranormal, too. The heroes each have different powers and different reasons to protect the heroine, while she’s in the dark about her importance in this hidden world. Kira becomes more adventurous in the alternate realm, then ultimately has to choose between the paranormal world and the one she knows.

Because the second one is so different from my other stories, I’ve decided to publish it under another name. I don’t think either work will be published before the end of this year – I’m in that quiet productivity mode! – but if you like paranormal RH stories, you might want to like my pseudonym’s very bare website and/or Facebook page.

Lyssa Royce’s website is right here.

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