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Ella Ardent logoI’m a happily married writer who believes that love can conquer all. I love to explore the power (and passion) of secret fantasies in my books, and to give my characters the happy endings they deserve.

You’ll find each group of stories organized on its own page here, in order. My first published series was The Plume.

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43 thoughts on “About Ella

  1. Do you have any actual first-hand experience of BDSM? As writing the Characters who are totally immersed in that world (i.e. Rex etc) must be hard!

    Love the books by the way!! My question is not meant to be a critique of your work (or too personal!), merely a consequence of my piqued interest.

  2. The books are amazing now we have to wait for the next one! The anxiety! Where can I purchase them in paperback so my friends who don’t have computers can read them! Would love to see pictures of the characters! Was hoping Joanna would get together with Rex at least one more time! But loving the books, currently reading Exhibition!

    • Roula – You can only buy the paperback anthologies online. Theoretically, bookstores can stock them but I don’t think they do very often.

      LOL on pictures of the characters – I like leaving it up to your imagination!

  3. Hi Ella –

    Just wanted to say that I love the PLUME SERIES!!! You have outdone yourself. I finished the first 2 anthologies and was at edge trying to see when “flashback ” would be released. I finally purchased it and now i am done. OMG, I can’t wait for “SWITCH” to be released.

    Once again outstanding book.

    Look forward to many more!!

  4. omg what an amazing set of storys read them all on my kobo in 3 days could not stop reading you makle me wonder is there places like that out there if so how do i sign up lol

  5. Ello!
    Wow… umm okay well I would like to know where you personally got the idea for The Plume? Like was it something that you always wanted? Or is it something that really exists and you use some sort of surname for it? Plus I would like to add… LOVE THE STORIES!

    • I just made it up, Bailey. Writers love to play the game “what if…?” and I’m no exception. Glad you’re enjoying the series. I’m having a lot of fun writing the books.

  6. Not meaning to be nasty or anything as the books are awesome and have well… given me idea’s :), but why do you call the women’s vagina ‘ sex’ ? one thing i’m not really getting.

    • It’s a choice, Claire. I actually mean her labia and clitoris, the external sexual organs, but sometimes those words sound too biological. I’ve seen other writers use “sex” and in some contexts, I like it better.

  7. Hi Ella I like to ask if u have a Facebook or twitter acc if so what is it under I am having trouble finding u Thank You for all ur great books

  8. OMG! Love the books and we just finished Celebration in our Book Club! Please tell me you are going to more. We were all left hanging and wondering what is going to happen to the Characters! Please keep them coming!

    • Hi shelley – Wow. A book club pick! That’s exciting – thanks for telling me.

      Just look up at the menu bar – there’s already a tab for The Phoenix, which will feature some characters you know and some new ones too. πŸ™‚

  9. Yes a Book Club Pick! lol, We LOVE the stories and characters and had fun discussing it! I will advise everyone of The Phoniex and we can do that one also…pun intended! Thanks for writting and please keep it up!

  10. i just read the first two anthologies for the Plume… I loved them! I am waiting for the 3rd anthology to be available on my kindle πŸ™‚

  11. While I was reading the Plume series, I was listening to a song called ” Love Again.” I thought it fit so well with the characters, Rex, Athena, Michelle and some of the others. Every time I would hear this song it reminded me of the book. I thought I’d mentioned that just in case there’s ever a movie made about the series. .
    I really enjoyed reading them. 😊

  12. I loved The Plume series. I started reading them last Oct. and I anxously awaited each new part. I can’t wait to see what happens with some of the characters. But, why don’t you have a Facebook page? I have found and connected with some really great authors that way. I know your fans would like to see you there.

    • Hi Rebekah – Thanks for posting! I’m glad to hear that you’ve enjoyed the Plume series – I loved writing those stories and it’s wonderful to hear from readers who like them too.

      As for Facebook, it’s really just a question of time management. I think I’d spend a lot of time there, as many of my writer friends do, and it would be lots of fun to connect with readers that way — but I would get less writing done. I’m really trying to focus on writing for now. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Alpha – Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed the Plume series!

      Right now, I’m finishing Dangerous, an erotic romance that will be published in weekly installments. I’d like to have two Phoenix stories finished before I publish the first one, so will have a more firm date for you once Dangerous is done.

  13. Hi Ella,

    I am so looking forward to Her Dark Prince – thing is though I only read paperbacks and was wondering if it will be in print (please, please pretty please). Absolutely love the Plume and the Phoenix – those paperbacks are safely on my ‘keeper’ shelf. Greetings and warmest regards from the UK xx

    • Hi Sue – Yes, Her Dark Prince will be in print. It’ll be in mass market size, and distributed through Ingrams – that will make it available at more online portals and also for libraries. Thanks for reading my books!

  14. Dear Ms Ardent
    I have all the books in The Plume series separately except for CELEBRATION I have tried to find it on iBooks but cannot except in the trilogy books ( but I do not need the trilogy as I have the other books already).
    I would appreciate it if you could be of any help on how to get it or is it only on iBooks USA as a single book.
    I love The Plume books and it seems a shame that I will never get to read the last in the seriesAny help you can offer will be deeply appreciated.Thank you

    • Hi Tracey – For the past year, the Plume novellas have only been available in the collections. Celebration isn’t available on its own, but it is included in The Plume: The Third Collection and The Plume: The Complete Series.

      Glad you’re enjoying the series!

  15. Hi Ella. Can you tell me why I cannot find any of your books on Amazon kindle anymore? I have the complete Plume Collection on there and the first 4 of the Phoenix so I wanted to add the last two but cannot seem to do so? I’m in the UK

    • Hi Natasha – Thanks for getting in touch! I took a break and my books were only available at Kobo until this past week. I’m in the midst of reloading them to Amazon and getting the editions linked up, then I’ll enroll them in Kindle Unlimited. So, the answer to your question is SOON!

      The Wedding and The Plume are there now, and I’ll get the rest uploaded this month. I’m sorry for the hiatus. I just kind of burned out a bit but am glad to be getting back to the writing now.

  16. I am frustrated I cannot find Shattered or Satisfied on line anywhere. I am hanging after reading Seduced. Help where can I get them. I have tried ibooks and Amazon and kindle. I am in the USA HELP

    • Uh oh. I’m sorry, Patricia, I’ll republish them this week. (Life happened.) They’ll show up at Amazon first but will probably take a bit longer to get to Apple. Watch their pages here for new links. πŸ™‚

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