Print Distribution

The Plume: The Complete Series by Ella ArdentI mentioned last week that the bigger books – the collections of novellas – are available in wider distribution than the cute little books. Previously, they were all available from Amazon with some distribution to other portals. It turns out that many stores and libraries prefer to order print books from Ingrams.

So, now those larger print editions are available through Ingrams, which means that your local bookstore or library can order them. This has been a lot more time consuming than expected, but now it’s done.

You can now ask for any of the Plume Collections, The Phoenix Collection or the Wedding Anthology at your local bookstore or library.

These print editions also have new ISBN#’s:
The Plume: The Complete Series ISBN 9780995023444
The Plume: The First Anthology ISBN 9780995023413
The Plume: The Second Anthology ISBN 9780995023420
The Plume: The Third Anthology ISBN 9780995023437
The Wedding Anthology ISBN 9780995023406
Tales from the Phoenix: The First Collection ISBN 9780995023451

From this point onward, all big books will go into wider distribution, through both Ingrams and Amazon.


New Print Editions

The Plume: The Complete Series by Ella ArdentOne of the things that’s been happening behind the scenes this month is that I’ve been publishing the print editions of my books through Ingrams. They’re still available from Createspace and Amazon, but I’m told that other booksellers and libraries prefer to order from Ingrams.

This should mean that you can get the books more easily from other booksellers.

The Plume: The First Anthology by Ella Ardent PlumeAnthology2sm

For example, my books are now being listed for sale on the Chapters Indigo website, which is the big bookseller in Canada. The links are still populating, so the cover image isn’t there yet (these things take time) but here are Indigo links for

The Plume: The First Anthology

The Plume: The Second Anthology

The Plume: The Complete Collection

The Wedding Anthology

Tales from the Phoenix: The First Collection and The Plume: The Third Anthology should appear on the site soon.

The Wedding Anthology by Ella Ardent

This also means that you can ask for the print edition to be ordered by your local library or your local bookseller. 🙂

In Transition at B&N

If you shop at Barnes and Noble, you might notice my books disappearing this week. They’ll reappear, probably by the end of the week. The only ones that will stay put are the installments of Dangerous that are up for pre-order (A and N are there), and Submission, which already is shipping by this new route.

What’s going on is that I’m changing out the distribution from one method to another. I’m hoping that this is fairly painless, but we’ll see. I’m also hoping that this will fix the glitch that has kept my books from appearing in search results on the Nook UK store. I’ll have to update the buy links here on the site once everything is done.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Nook UK

I’ve learned that my books don’t come up on the Nook UK site when you search for them, using their search engine. The only title that appears is Celebration. I thought they weren’t there at all, which made no sense as they’ve been published there. It turns out that they ARE there, but the search engine doesn’t find them.

So, the good people at B&N Nook have given me direct links to my books. I’ve updated the pages for each series this morning with those buy links and the ones for Apple and Sony. I’ll also get the permanent links for KOBO before updating my anthology page.

The only way you’ll find my books on Nook UK is by following these links – their site doesn’t even display as “more from this author”. Celebration pops up on the page for some titles, but not for many of them.

This is very strange, but I’m not alone in it. Maybe that means B&N will fix their search engine soon. Until then, follow the links!

Direct to Barnes and Noble

I’ve uploaded everything directly to B&N today and the books are now available for sale on their site. Right now, there are two copies of everything (except SWITCH) displayed, because the editions coming from Smashwords have yet to be removed. This should get resolved in the next week or so. (And it doesn’t matter which you buy – I’ll get paid either way!)

What will happen, though, is that all the reviews and ratings posted on the older editions will disappear along with them. So, if you have previously posted a review or rating at B&N for one of my books, or you’d like to do so now, I’d really appreciate it.

This is one of those mildly painful things that will make everything easier in the long run. You saw how quickly SWITCH was available at B&N – in future, all new books will be published there that way.

The B&N links on the pages on the tab (The Plume, The Wedding, Anthologies) are all to the new editions. You can tell which ones they are, as well, because they have no ratings or reviews, and right now, they have no cover images. That’ll probably change tonight. They also don’t have Smashwords listed as the publisher.


You Did It!

Thanks to everyone who reported to KOBO about wanting my books. Last week, ALL of my books were shipped from Smashwords to every portal. I’m so excited! It’s been very frustrating to see so many books sit so long with the “will be shipped” message. Thank you thank you thank you for reporting and making a difference.

These portals are overwhelmed with content, but they are very consumer-focused. They respond first to requests from their customers. This applies to all books and not just mine – if there is something that you want to buy for your device and don’t see it available, please email the vendor and make them aware that you are disappointed. They might not answer your email, but your post can change what they do. It can certainly speed up something that they’re already doing.

Now, let’s have a little review of what shipped where and when. Usually the titles will take 7 – 14 days to appear on any portal after they have shipped from Smashwords.
Always a Bridesmaid went to B&N on Oct 24 and KOBO on Oct 27.
Deception went to B&N (an updated version) on Oct 24 and to KOBO on Oct 27.
Exhibition went to B&N (an updated version) on Oct 24 and to KOBO on Oct 27.
Exposure went to both B&N and KOBO on Oct 24.
Seduction, Submission, Surrender and the First Plume Anthology have been distributed everywhere since September.
The Best Man went to both B&N (an updated version) and KOBO on Oct 24.
The Second Plume Anthology went to B&N on Oct 24, KOBO on Oct 26, and Apple on Oct 17.

Thanks also for telling me about the Apple sampling issue. Smashwords is going to ship all of the books to Apple again with corrected sampling information.

What would I do without such wonderful readers?! THANK YOU!

Distribution to KOBO

I was having a look today at the distribution pattern for my books and noticed how few of them have been distributed to KOBO. KOBO has taken on the first three Plume novellas and the first Plume anthology. The other books have been available to KOBO for quite some time, so I have to think that it’s KOBO who isn’t choosing to take them on. It’s possible that this is because they think I don’t sell well there. It makes sense with so many books available that portals would choose ones they know will sell. OTOH, if the author has few titles available through the portal, he or she probably doesn’t have very compelling sales numbers. It’s a bit of a Catch-22.

So, if you are a KOBO customer and would like to see all of my books available through that portal, I’d suggest that you send KOBO a message to that effect. Digital book portals respond most quickly to demand from consumers, so it looks like solving this one is up to you. All I can do is make them available and I’ve done that bit.

Thanks for your help if you do send them a message!

Distribution Changes

If you read erotica, you have probably heard that there are distribution changes in the works. Paypal will not let their services be used for the sale of what they deem to be obscene materials, and many online vendors are trying to ensure that their book list meets Paypal’s new terms of service.

My stories don’t fall into any of the categories of erotica affected by this change, but the discussions from different vendors have offered interesting views into their perspectives. It seems clear to me now that All Romance eBooks is more interested in distributing erotic romance than erotica. This explains why sales of my Plume series have been pretty slow there. That’s fine – people have the right to focus their business as they see fit. I have removed the Plume series from sale at ARe, but when I publish an erotic romance, I’ll list it there. The Plume series remains for sale at other outlets.

Just FYI. 🙂