June Update

Time for a little update! I’ve been working on two different books, each of which is growing into a longer work. Both are the kinds of stories that I’ll publish as a series, but there are big differences between them. I’m loving them both, but am uncertain which will be done first – and the whole story has to be completed before I start publishing.

The first story is a romance, featuring a dancer who doesn’t follow anyone’s rules and a man who has lost everything. She’s intrigued by him when he comes to watch her perform, and pursues him when he tries to disappear into the night. Despite himself, he’s interested in her and finds himself revealing a little bit of himself (as well as seducing her.) I like that she’s so active and adventurous, and that he has so many secrets. It doesn’t hurt that unraveling his past leads her to Rex, or that these two are so hot together. No titles or covers yet, but I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

The second story is the one that’s different. It’s a reverse harem story, which features one woman and four guys, and it’s paranormal, too. The heroes each have different powers and different reasons to protect the heroine, while she’s in the dark about her importance in this hidden world. Kira becomes more adventurous in the alternate realm, then ultimately has to choose between the paranormal world and the one she knows.

Because the second one is so different from my other stories, I’ve decided to publish it under another name. I don’t think either work will be published before the end of this year – I’m in that quiet productivity mode! – but if you like paranormal RH stories, you might want to like my pseudonym’s very bare website and/or Facebook page.

Lyssa Royce’s website is right here.

New Covers for The Phoenix

The amazing thing about publishing is that everything takes so much longer than I ever expect. (And that goes double over a few years ago.)

Finally, though, I have new covers for The Phoenix books to show you. Yay!

Revealed, book one of The Phoenix series of contemporary romances by Ella Ardent Harnessed, book two of The Phoenix series of contemporary romances by Ella Ardent Haunted, book three of The Phoenix series of contemporary romances by Ella Ardent Hunted, book four of The Phoenix series of contemporary romances by Ella Ardent Sold, book five of The Phoenix series of contemporary romances by Ella Ardent Claimed, book six of The Phoenix series of contemporary romances by Ella Ardent

What do you think? I’m really pleased with them.

Having the covers meant the books could be reformatted and reloaded to the various portals. There are new buy links at Kobo and Smashwords already, and the others are populating. Check the individual book pages for links.

There’s another job off my list. I’ve decided to write a monthly update here on the blog of what’s going on. The first one will be on February 15, so please stop by for that. I’ll do them on the 15th of each month after that.


Dangerous: The Complete Romance

Coming in July!

Dangerous: The Complete RomanceFantasy can be the most deadly game of all…

When a woman with a hunger for risk challenges a man who needs to possess, nothing can quench the passion that sparks between them—except a secret from the past, one that will seal their fates together forever or destroy them both.

Kendra thought it harmless fun to pose for pin-up photos for her boss—until the company is suddenly sold and her new boss catches her trying to retrieve the pictures. Reid Stirling is a successful, gorgeous entrepreneur with a reputation for getting whatever he wants—and he wants Kendra. Kendra can’t believe her luck when he offers her the job as his very personal assistant—and she’s quick to accept, independent of the terms.

Reid believes it won’t take long to teach beautiful and impulsive Kendra Jones a lesson, but her enthusiasm is both unexpected and seductive. There’s nothing Reid loves more than control, but Kendra’s love of risk is infectious and he finds himself becoming obsessed with training his enticing employee.

As Reid and Kendra explore private passions together, neither is aware that they’re being watched—by a killer determined to have his revenge on Reid at any price.

Coming July 20, 2107
Pre-order available at Amazon, iBooks, Nook and Kobo.

His Lost Princess and Her Enchanted Knight

Last week, His Lost Princess went on sale, and Her Enchanted Knight went up for pre-order at iBooks and Kobo. I put both in the newsletter, then forgot to post here. 🙂


In the lost realm of Euphoria, royalty command all to serve their pleasure, but passion is the greatest power of all.

His Lost Princess, #2 of the Euphoria series of fairy tales by Ella Ardent2 – His Lost Princess

Can Charming win his Bride?

Royce discovers his legacy and falls in love with a mysterious maiden at his coming-of-age ball. When morning comes, the lady has vanished, and he learns that his newfound status as crown prince will be secured with an arranged marriage. But Royce wants only his mysterious maiden as his bride. Can he find her before all that was found is lost again?

Available at Amazon, Barnes&NobleiBooks and Kobo.

Her Enchanted Knight, #3 of the Euphoria series of fairy tale romances by Ella Ardent3 – Her Enchanted Knight

Can Red free her lover from the Wolf?

Lost in a blizzard in the northern forests of Euphoria, Balthazar accepts a wager in exchange for shelter—never realizing that he’s giving sanctuary to a dangerous beast. The Wolf will devour any man who gives it refuge, unless one woman can defend this knight against the foe that lurks within.

Coming July 13, 2017

Pre-order at iBooks and Kobo.