GooglePlay and The Wedding

The Best Man, first in The Wedding series of contemporary romances by Ella ArdentMy books are now available at GooglePlay again. You can check the links on individual book pages here, or check out this page on GP which shows all my books that are live there.

(Her Dark Prince isn’t there yet, just FYI. I’ll upload it and His Lost Princess everywhere after HLP comes out of Kindle Unlimited later this week.)

And The Wedding Series is live everywhere again. I was able to use the original distribution path for this series, which means it’s live at Apple with all the reviews. Yay!

The Best Man should be a 99cent read – I see that for me, though, Apple has rounded up to $1.99 CA and GP has converted 99 cents US to $1.30 CA. :-/ There’s not much I can do about prices delivered from an aggregator, unfortunately. It’s a 99cent read at the other portals.

Submission, book one of the Plume Series by Ella ArdentFinally, I decided to republish Submission so I could make it a free read for new readers to discover The Plume Series. It has a new cover and the links are percolating. It’s the only one of the nine original novellas that’s available on its own – because it makes more sense to buy the collections once you start reading the series.

Next up, I need to create portal-specific book interiors for Kobo and GooglePlay, and republish Euphoria by the end of the week. I realized that the newsletter link in Dangerous (and the three episodes) is the old defunct link, so I’ll need to reformat and re-upload those books, too. I’m making progress, though!

Seduced – Available Today

Seduced, Episode 1 of Dangerous, a romantic suspense by Ella ArdentA temptation claimed…

Kendra thought it harmless fun to pose for pin-up photos for her boss—until the company is suddenly sold and her new boss catches her trying to retrieve the pictures. Reid Stirling is a successful, gorgeous entrepreneur with a reputation for getting whatever he wants—and he wants Kendra. Kendra can’t believe her luck when he offers her the job as his very personal assistant—and she’s quick to accept, independent of the terms.

Reid believes it won’t take long to teach beautiful and impulsive Kendra Jones a lesson, but her enthusiasm is both unexpected and seductive. There’s nothing Reid loves more than control, but Kendra’s love of risk is infectious and he finds himself becoming obsessed with training his enticing employee.

As Reid and Kendra explore private passions together, neither is aware that they’re being watched—by a killer determined to have his revenge on Reid at any price.

Available TODAY.

Available from iBooks.
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Available from B&N.

Flash Sale

As I’ve been telling you, I’m republishing my books at Kobo and Apple in new editions, and some of them exist in duplicate in those stores. When I’ve left the older edition live, it’s because it has such wonderful reviews. The new version says it’s published by Circe Books, but the books are otherwise identical. So, this week, in an attempt to get some reviews on the new editions, The Best Man, book #1 in my Wedding Trilogy, is just 99 cents or equivalent at Apple and Kobo. The new edition is the one that’s linked here. The book is also on sale for the same price at Amazon.

The Best Man by Ella ArdentI – THE BEST MAN

Christine has always been in love with her best friend’s older brother, Jake. The fact that she’s maid of honor and he’s best man at Jess’s Caribbean wedding means that they’ll be thrown together repeatedly for the week of the festivities. Christine decides to make it count and tells Jake about her secret desire, hoping he’ll realize that he’s the fantasy lover she really wants.

Jake has always wanted Christine to be more than his ‘other baby sister’ but doesn’t want to lose her friendship. When Christine confesses her secret desire, he appoints himself to make her fantasy come true. His only concern is the bet made at the stag, that whichever of the guys gets lucky first wins the money. Jake knows that winning the bet could mean losing Christine—fortunately, he’s a man willing to be creative in pursuit of the best prize of all.

Available at Amazon.
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Available at iBooks.
Available at KOBO.

The Wedding On Sale

The Best Man by Ella Ardent


My erotic romance, The Best Man, is free right now at Smashwords and iBooks. It’ll be free at Kobo on the 26th.


Always a Bridesmaid by Ella Ardent

The next erotic romance in the Wedding trilogy, Always a Bridesmaid, is on sale for 99 cents at Smashwords and iBooks. It’ll be 99 cents at Kobo on the 28th.


The Wedding Anthology by Ella Ardent

And the bundle, The Wedding Anthology, which includes all three erotic romance novellas in the series, is on sale for $2.99 at Smashwords, Kobo and iBooks.