Peek at a Cover

Tales from the Phoenix: The Second Collection by Ella ArdentHere’s the new cover for Tales of the Phoenix: The Second Collection, which will be published in September.

Like most of the anthologies, the cover looks better in print. It has the covers for the included stories (Haunted, Sold, and Claimed) on the back cover. (And yes, this means I’m working on Marked.)

There’s only a pre-order link at Amazon so far, because I’ve been working on the print edition. I’ll get the other links up soon and share them then.

September 20 is the day.


The Plume on Sale

I realized this past weekend that it’s been two years since I wrote Submission, the first erotic novella in The Plume Series. Wow! The past two years have been quite the ride!


To celebrate that – and to thank you all for your support – it seemed appropriate to have a sale. So, for a limited time, ALL Plume novellas are priced at 99 cents, and the digital editions of all three Plume anthologies are priced at $2.99. (This doesn’t extend to the print editions.) I’ve changed the prices on Kobo, Smashwords and Amazon – they might take a few days to perk through to Apple and other portals.

Enjoy! And please share the news with your friends and fellow readers. 🙂

Questions for You

I’ve been hearing a lot about audio editions of books, and have been wondering whether I should venture into this new realm. There are lots of pros and cons, as well as decisions to be made. I’m thinking about the Plume anthologies, which are a bit challenging because there are so many characters. My inclination is to find a male narrator with a nice deep voice and possibly a British accent – not because he’d sound like any of the characters but because he’d sound like none of them (and thus a narrator). I could be way off base, though, and audio books aren’t cheap to make or buy.

So, I’ll ask you!

Do you listen to audio books that are erotica?

Do you prefer male or female narrators?

What about accents? Do you prefer British or American accents?

Tell me what you think!