Questions for You

I’ve been hearing a lot about audio editions of books, and have been wondering whether I should venture into this new realm. There are lots of pros and cons, as well as decisions to be made. I’m thinking about the Plume anthologies, which are a bit challenging because there are so many characters. My inclination is to find a male narrator with a nice deep voice and possibly a British accent – not because he’d sound like any of the characters but because he’d sound like none of them (and thus a narrator). I could be way off base, though, and audio books aren’t cheap to make or buy.

So, I’ll ask you!

Do you listen to audio books that are erotica?

Do you prefer male or female narrators?

What about accents? Do you prefer British or American accents?

Tell me what you think!

The Plume: The Third Anthology

The Plume: The Third Anthology by Ella Ardent

The Third Anthology of The Plume

This anthology includes the last three novellas in this series: FLASHBACK, SWITCH and CELEBRATION. It’s available in both a digital edition and a trade paperback.

Available from Amazon.
Available from All Romance eBooks.
Available from Barnes and Noble.
Available from Createspace.
Available from KOBO.
Available from Smashwords.
Also available digitally from Apple and Sony.

A Weekend Sale

The Wedding Anthology by Ella Ardent

This weekend, my book The Wedding Anthology is on sale for just 99 cents. It’s usually $7.99. This anthology includes all three erotic romance novellas in The Wedding series: The Best Man, Always a Bridesmaid and Forever Bound.

You can find it at the sale price at Amazon, B&N, Kobo, and All Romance eBooks. (If it’s not there right this minute, it’s in process.)

The sale only lasts until Wednesday, so don’t miss out!

The Wedding Anthology

The Wedding Anthology

While the blog hop was in progress, this anthology was published. It hasn’t yet been approved for distribution from Smashwords, so will take a few weeks to get to B&N, Apple and KOBO.


All three linked stories (The Best Man, Always a Bridesmaid and Forever Bound) in one volume, available both digitally and in print.
Available at Amazon.
Available at Createspace.
• Available at All Romance eBooks.
Available at Smashwords.
• also available at Barnes&Noble, KOBO, Apple and Sony.

Catching Up

I hope those of you in the US had a wonderful Thanksgiving this weekend!

Here I promised you an update last week, and the time slipped away on me. Sorry about that – I’ve been getting organized. It is such a busy time of year and I clearly need to work on my time management.

Where are we at? Well, FLASHBACK has not only been approved for premium distribution from Smashwords, but it has shipped to many portals this week. It went to Apple on November 16, B&N on November 19, KOBO on November 22. So, depending upon the time delay at each portal, you should start seeing it on sale at those outlets by the end of this week.

Next up will be FOREVER BOUND. No one from the Plume gets to jump the queue this time! I’m working on it now, and it will be a December release. As usual, I’ll let you know when it’s written and is being formatted.

Once FOREVER BOUND is completed, I can get THE WEDDING anthology compiled and the print edition formatted.

The next release will be #8 in The Plume series, SWITCH. I’m going to say January for its release, even though a chunk of it is already written (and more envisioned) because this is a busy time of year. I still need to work with the artist on the cover, so will add a bit of time in case she’s booked up (or busy herself). Again, I’ll give you a shout when it’s being formatted and close to release.

Then we’ll see about Plume #9, which is the big finish and is called CELEBRATION.

One thing I have learned this year is that writing two different series at the same time is a bad idea for me. I won’t do that again!

That probably answered the questions most of you have posted, but I’ll go peek at comments now.

The Plume: The Second Anthology

This anthology is being published today. I’ll update the links as they go live.

THE PLUME: THE SECOND ANTHOLOGY includes the second three novellas in this series: Deception, Exhibition and Exposure. It’s available in both a digital and a trade paperback edition.

Available from Amazon.
Available from Createspace.
Available from Smashwords.
Available from All Romance eBooks.
Also available digitally from Apple, Barnes & Noble, Sony and KOBO.

Cover for The Plume: The Second Anthology

Isn’t this one gorgeous?

Files are being formatted now – it takes a bit longer to get them ready for the printed book. This anthology includes the next three novellas – DECEPTION, EXHIBITION and EXPOSURE, all in one file or volume. It’ll be priced a little bit better in digital than buying them individually.

I’m hoping this anthology will be available in about a week, but I’ll let you know when it is.

I had to show you the cover right away, though! I love it.